Wednesday Workout- 6 Exercise Band & Dumbbell Circuit

Hey there! Happy Wednesday. I’m glad I have some workouts in reserve for you guys as I have barely worked out since last Wednesday- kinda crazy! I’ve been battling a nasty cold and have finally reached a point where I know, understand & embrace the rest that is required during these times. I have to say, it’s such a nice feeling being able to be OK with resting. Sure, I’m going a bit stir-crazy, but I’m doing my best to listen to my body and give it what it needs.

That said, this workout kind of goes along those same lines of listening to your body. I was pretty sore the day I created this, but really only in my glutes & shoulders. Otherwise I felt fine and was actually looking forward to a lunch break sweat sesh. Sometimes when I’m really sore I decide to rest,  other times I try and think about what’s sore and how the rest of my body feels. If there are plenty of things I can do that do not affect the sore parts of my body and otherwise I feel good, I continue with my workout, just scaling it back where necessary. This workout reflects that, and I’ll say that I actually felt less sore after I finished because I think my body needed some movement to loosen up tight muscles!

This is a simple circuit, working in lower body, cardio, upper body and core. You can choose to do 3-5 rounds, OR AMRAP for 20 or 25 minutes. I think I did 4 or 5 rounds, but I can’t remember now 🙂 To finish, I threw in a tabata or 4 high knees + 2 jumping jacks for exercise A and plank jacks for exercise B.

As always, let me know if you try this or if you have any questions- Happy Sweating!


Wednesday Workout: Quickie Upper Body Finisher

I’m a fair weather runner. I don’t put myself through running in the rain, snow, cold weather or super hot weather. I guess you could say I’m a running diva- #sorrynotsorry. As I am not running many races requiring strict training at this point in my life, this works for me. In fact, I’ve realized that I enjoy running much more when I do it because I want to, not because I have to.

That said, the weather lately has been making me CRAVE running outside. Not only does it feel good to get outside for my workout, it also serves as a way to get a little bit of a tan 😉 Last week I ran a 5K and got some color- all during my lunch break. Win-Win! On top of that, I had enough time left over to do a little arm workout to round out my workout for the day.

All you need for this workout is a set of medium (or light) dumbbells and a resistance band. I also did this outside, but that’s optional 😉 Three- Four rounds and your arms will feel like they got their workout in, too!

I uploaded this demo video to help you see what the moves look like, as some of them are not commonly used on the blog. This is a great supplemental/finisher workout if you’re looking for a little extra, or it could certainly be done on its own if you’re looking for a strictly upper body-based workout.

As always, I love when I see that you’re trying these, so be sure to tag me @Burpeestobubbly

Questions for you: Do you run in any weather or are you a fair weather runner like I am? Do you like to workout outside?

Wednesday Workout: 25 Minute (or less!) Shoulder Burner Workout

Hey there! Look what I have here for you- a new workout! I haven’t been making my own workouts lately as I’ve been playing along with Jen Sinkler and her #30daysofkettlebells training program. As part of this, we would get an email each day with a new KB focused workout. I did *most* of them and absolutely loved them- some were super short so I could double up, while others were longer so I kept it to just doing one of them. I think what I loved the most was that the workouts were not complicated, but they required me to use KB’s (or DB’s if I was at home), which is a piece of equipment that I still need to work at getting comfortable with.

But, sadly, the #30daysofkettlebells is over, which means I’m back to making my own workouts. I did this one on Monday and loved the way the exercises flowed from one to the next, obviously with a heavy emphasis on shoulder work, as indicated by the title 😉 I went heavy-ish (for me) with the exercises as I’m trying to increase my shoulder strength, which is why it’s only 8 reps for the non-cardio exercises. I used 20 pounds for the single arem OH press and 25 pounds for the side lunge double arm press.

In case you’d like to see demo’s, I’ve uploaded the videos from my Instagram story to YouTube:

On top of it being a shoulder burner, you’ll notice that your core is getting a workout, too- especially the obliques in the single arm OH press since you have to work to not lean away from the weight. I did 5 rounds and it took me a little under 25 minutes- just in case you need an idea of how long it will take you.

I really enjoyed this total body workout – let me know if you try it!

Questions for you: Have you been following any new workout routines lately?

Wednesday Workout: 3 Circuit Lower, Upper & Cardio Step360 Workout

Hey there! Before I get into sharing the workout for today, I wanted to remind you of the fitness event/class that I am hosting at the New Balance Flagship store in Brighton tonight. It starts at 6:30pm and I’ll be leading a 45 minute Cardio Kickboxing Bootcamp class while the amazing DJ Sprino live DJ’s for us. After class, you’ll get a 20% shopping discount and will get to enjoy bars from Larabar, juices from Purity Organics and more. There are already over 30 people who have signed up, so if you want to be part of the crew, make sure you sign up here– you don’t want to miss this event!

And now, onto the workout. A few weeks ago I shared a Step360 workout with you. I enjoyed that workout so much that when I was thinking of what I wanted to do for a workout on Sunday, I knew I wanted to include it. If you don’t have a Step360, any type of step would work for it and if you don’t have a step of any sort, you can totally do the workout without.

The way the sets/circuits are set up is that each one has a lower body move, upper body move and cardio move. Each exercise is performed for 10 reps and you move from one to the next with only as much rest as needed. Try to rest between rounds rather than exercises in order to keep the heart rate up and get the biggest bang for your buck. You’ll complete 3 rounds of each circuit before moving on to the next.

As far as weights, I used 2 different sets of dumbbells: 10’s and 20’s. I haven’t been doing many leg-focused exercises lately so I kept the lunges light- with the 10 pounders- and was soreeee on Monday (but lunges and especially jumping lunges always make me sore!), but used a 20 pounder for Goblet squats and 2 20’s for the deadlifts. The biceps curl to press with 20’s was hard, but it felt good to really work for the reps! these are just examples of what I used- of course when you’re doing this, do what works for you and your body!

I posted most of the exercises on my Instagram story, but if you missed them, I’ve uploaded them to YouTube:

I hope you try this because I think you’ll like it!

Questions for you: What piece of equipment have you been loving lately?

Wednesday Workout: At-home 4 Round Bodyweight Circuit

Hello! Did you catch my recap of our Jackson Hole trip yesterday? It was a fun one to recap! One thing I didn’t talk about in that post was working out- weird, right? Although I did not put on a pair of sneakers once, I did do one quickie at-home bodyweight circuit that I wanted to share with you. It’s by no means the hardest workout here on B2B, but it was a nice little afternoon pick-me up on the day we did not ski. As for the days we skiied, I felt as though that was all I needed, especially when combined with the amount of walking we did as well. Skiing didn’t necessarily feel HARD to me (my legs were not burning or tired), but I knew my body was still working a lot so I decided to take it easy.

Not “working out” (in the traditional sense) for this extended period was actually a really nice break from my traditional workout grind that I do week in and week out, and I found that I came back looking forward to getting back to my normal workouts. I missed lifting heavy things and sweating!

Regardless of whether you’re traveling, just looking for a little something, or are stuck inside (snow, rain, etc.), this might be the perfect workout for you!

I uploaded video’s to my Insta story throughout the workout so you can see what I did here (with the exception of triceps dips- that video didn’t upload, but I think those are common enough to not need a video):

As always, let me know if you try this- I love knowing that these workouts are actually valuable posts! haha 😉

Questions for you: Did you do an at-home workout yesterday during the storm or was shoveling your workout?