Running/Walking & Outdoor Workouts

In New England, we have a limited number of months where we can workout outside. That said, I try to take my workouts outside as much as possible during those months! For all of the running workouts, you can certainly change them to walking workouts!

Running Workouts

Wednesday Workout: Discussion time! Compound vs. Isolation Exercises? {Run & Strength Workout}

Wednesday Workout: Run/Walk & Park Boot Camp Circuit

Wednesday Workout: 4 Move Mini Strength Sets & A Treadmill Workout

Wednesday Workout: Run/Walk & Superset Workout

Wednesday Workout: Taking your workout outside

Wednesday Workout: Run the stairs!

Wednesday Workout: Outdoor Stations Bootcamp Workout

Wednesday Workout: Run the Bases

Wednesday Workout: Sheila’s Bachelorette Bootcamp

Wednesday Workout: San Francisco Total Body Stair Workout

The “Back & Forth” Workout

Stair Cardio Blast & Total Body Circuits

Outdoor Bootcamp Stations Workout #2

Ramp Lunges & Total Body Circuit Bootcamp

Treadmill & 2 Upper Body Circuits

Get out side and get fit! Let me know if you try any of these!

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