Wednesday Workout: Bodyweight EMOM w/8 Minute Rounds

Good morning! Before I get to the workout, I wanted to remind you that there are a few spots left for my Kickboxing Bootcamp at Janji on Newbury Street tonight at 6:30pm. You can sign up here.

Now, onto the workout! If you’re not familiar with the acronym EMOM, it means “every minute on the minute”. What this means is you have 1 minute to complete the prescribed exercise/reps. However much time is left after you finish the prescribed exercises/reps will be your rest time. If you’re like me, the first minutes will seem like a breeze and you’ll be thinking you don’t need that rest, however, by the last rounds it’ll seem like there isn’t enough rest!

For this particular workout, I give you 8 minutes for each EMOM round. Additionally, I give you 2 exercises per EMOM round which means you’ll do one exercise on the odd minutes and one on the evens:

  • 01= odd
  • 1-2=even
  • 2-3=odd
  • 3-4=even
  • 4-5=odd
  • 5-6=even
  • 6-7=odd
  • 7-8=even

While this workout doesn’t require any equipment, if you find you’re finishing the prescribed exercises/reps with more than 20 seconds to rest, I suggest adding something to intensify the exercise. This can be done by increasing your reps, adding weights, etc.


15 Burpees/10 HRPU

20 jumping lunges/ 15 leg lowers

20 jump squats/ 10 plank knee tucks

As you can see, if you don’t have weights or simply don’t want to use them, it’s a great workout for that. You can also drop it down to just one or two EMOM rounds if you’re running short on time. I’d love to hear if you try this!

Questions for you: Have you ever done EMOM workouts? 


Wednesday Workout: Descending Rep Total Body Workout

Good morning and happy Wednesday! I have so many workouts to share with you guys that I might have to start posting them twice a week 😉 I have to say that I really enjoyed the format of this workout. What I mean by “descending” is that each round you’ll decrease the number of reps performed for each exercise. We go from 12 reps to 10 reps to 8 reps…. etc. all the way down, but instead of ending with just 2 reps (where’s the fun in that?!), you’ll do 12 reps again.

In addition to enjoying the format of the workout, I liked the upper and lower combo moves because doing them always jacks up my heart rate- more bang for your buck, especially if you’re short on time like I normally am!



Here are a few explanations in case you’re confused by any of the combo moves:

  • Chest press & leg lowers- for this you’ll start out on your back with your legs lifted straight above your hips and your arms straight above your shoulders/chest. Since you’re working multiple things here, I’d suggest keeping it a littler lighter for the chest press weight. There are two options for doing this exercise: 1. you’ll lower your legs and bring your arms closer to your chest at the same time- this is advanced since it requires a lot of core strength to ensure your lower back stays glued to the mat or 2. you can do a chest press and then do a leg lower, as separate exercises.
  • Goblet clean & squat
  • Bent over rows- For these you’ll hold a weight in both hands and hinge forward at the waist, keeping a slight bend in the knees and keeping your chest open and shoulders pulled back. Engage your lats & squeeze your shoulder blades together as your pull your elbows back. make sure you’re going slow and controlled here!
  • Russian twist & press- This is just taking your standard Russian twist & adding a little more onto it. After your twist right, you’ll come back through center and press the weight up overhead. Then, you’ll bring it down and twist left.

This workout shouldn’t take you much longer than 20-25 minutes; if it takes you much less time than that, consider upping your weights and if it takes you longer than that, you might want to consider dropping your weight a bit.

I hope you try this!

Question for you: Would you like to see more workouts on the blog or keep it as is?


Wednesday Workout: 15 Minute Blast # 2 {Lower, Upper & Cardio}

Remember how I shared a quickie workout a few weeks ago that was actually one part of a workout I did {seemingly} months ago? Today I’m back with part two of that workout- same format (AMRAP 15 minutes & progression style with cardio at the end), different exercises,  but just as much fun 😉

The exercises in this workout focus on hinging and pulling rather than squatting and pressing like the first one did. I will also warn you that the cardio combo as the last 3 moves in the circuit are killer for the upper body!

15 Minute Blast #2

I think everything here is pretty self-explanatory: SLDL= single leg deadlift (you’ll do 10 on each leg), deadlift->= do 1 standard deadlift (both legs not single leg) and in the hinged position perform a double arm row and then come back up to standing position. If you need more clarification, please don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

And with that, I’m out! I hope you all have a great rest of your week- I hope to check back in with you soon 🙂


Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute Hotel Room AMRAP Workout

Wait, what?! Is this really a true “Wednesday Workout” post? I just scrolled through my posts and realized that I haven’t posted a workout for you in over a MONTH, so for those of you who come here only for those- I’m sorry! I hope you read this post which explained why I haven’t been sharing workouts on here as frequently as I used to.

I wanted to share this workout with you today because with summer basically here, it likely means lots of travel/vacations are popping up, which could result in having less time to get to your normal gym time. This workout is perfect for those times where you’re traveling and/or just away from your normal gym because it can be done anywhere: in a hotel room, in a house, on the beach, at a park- you get the idea! Quickie body weight workouts are a great way to get in a sweat without hindering your plans or taking away time from something more fun.

I don’t know if it was because I was tired from traveling, stressed from work or just because this was a tough workout, but I was really huffing and puffing throughout the whole thing. I was originally on a pace to finish 8 rounds but only finished 6 rounds and then the squats on the 7th round. By the end I was drenched and felt sufficiently worked!

20 Minute AMRAP Hotel Room Workout

A hyperlapse snapshot of the workout can be found here:

Let me know if you try this!

Questions for you: Do you have a lot of travel plans this summer?

Wednesday Workout: Cardio Sandwich Circuits

I hope that title didn’t make you hungry 😉 This workout was created as a way to keep me inside the house during the snowstorm on Monday. Literally, the only time I stepped out of the house was to bring the trash out… and I’m not even mad about it. Soon enough we’ll have beautiful weather so I took advantage of a nasty, wintery (yet spring) day and virtually didn’t leave the house. It was actually very nice, especially since this workout ended up being kind of a butt-kicker 😉

Going into the workout, I knew I wanted a mix of cardio and strength training. My weights at home aren’t big enough to really give me the kind of challenging workout I want for a lifting session, so I generally incorporate cardio and weights for any at-home workout. With that said, between the cardio sandwich and strength exercises in this workout, I was huffing and puffing throughout the whole thing… especially when I had to do 12 burpees followed by 12 burpees… that was killer 😉

Cardio Sandwich Circuits

I think the directions are pretty clear- all you have to do is complete each round 3 times before moving on to the next. Your reps will decrease from 12 to 10 to 8 as you complete rounds 1-3. If you’re running short on time, feel free to pick just 1 or 2 of these and put all your energy into that.

Here are some notes/explanations for the exercises- I wanted to do short video’s for some of them, but I’ve been filming so many videos for my BoxFIIT certification that I just couldn’t do any more!

  • Squats & squat hold w/side taps- perform the designated # of straight squats first and then come down into a squat hold and tap each leg out to the side for that number of reps as well. Hopefully you’ll feel that extra burn!
  • Shoulder press-> chest squeeze- for this one, you’ll hold a weight in each hand and perform a shoulder press. When your elbows come back to shoulder height, pull your weights together so that they end up in front of your face with your palms facing you. Engage all of those chest muscles as you’re pulling your elbows and weights to touch in front of your face.
  • Lunge & tap- Lunge back on one leg and then push off the foot that stepped back to bring that foot to tap right next to the stationary leg. I did an isometric bicep curl hold while lunging.

I think everything else is pretty self-explanatory, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me!

My legs felt pretty beat after this- I hope you give it a try!