Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute Hotel Room AMRAP Workout

Wait, what?! Is this really a true “Wednesday Workout” post? I just scrolled through my posts and realized that I haven’t posted a workout for you in over a MONTH, so for those of you who come here only for those- I’m sorry! I hope you read this post which explained why I haven’t been sharing workouts on here as frequently as I used to.

I wanted to share this workout with you today because with summer basically here, it likely means lots of travel/vacations are popping up, which could result in having less time to get to your normal gym time. This workout is perfect for those times where you’re traveling and/or just away from your normal gym because it can be done anywhere: in a hotel room, in a house, on the beach, at a park- you get the idea! Quickie body weight workouts are a great way to get in a sweat without hindering your plans or taking away time from something more fun.

I don’t know if it was because I was tired from traveling, stressed from work or just because this was a tough workout, but I was really huffing and puffing throughout the whole thing. I was originally on a pace to finish 8 rounds but only finished 6 rounds and then the squats on the 7th round. By the end I was drenched and felt sufficiently worked!

20 Minute AMRAP Hotel Room Workout

A hyperlapse snapshot of the workout can be found here:

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Early morning flight back to the east coast meant an early hotel room quickie 20 min workout. Don't be fooled, though, 20 mins was all I needed to be a sweaty, tired mess by the end! This is an abbreviated clip, but the whole thing is as follows: # 20 min AMRAP: ▶️10 squats ▶️10 push-ups ▶️10 knee to chest in plank ▶️10 mtn climbers ▶️10 reverse lunges ▶️10 burpees ▶️10 standing oblique dips # Great way to start my day, especially before a long flight home!! Also, BSC friends- @dana_leigh_9 is subbing for me tonight- I decided getting home to relax and spend time with RM was more in line with what I need these days (read my post from Monday!)- I'm sure you understand 😀 #inspiringfitness #morningworkout #riseandgrind #hotelroomworkout #amrap #fightersconditioning #everybodyfights #buffbride

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Let me know if you try this!

Questions for you: Do you have a lot of travel plans this summer?

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