Wednesday Workout: 4 Move Mini Strength Sets & A Treadmill Workout

I’ve got two workouts for you AGAIN this week… I’m on a roll here 😉

The first one is a workout I threw together just a few minutes before teaching it in my SHRED class last week. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to teach, but decided on picking 4 exercises for each “set” and repeating each set 3 times before doing a tabata cardio burst. I tried to incorporate upper, lower and core exercises per set to mix it up since I usually do all lower in a set or all upper.

4 move mini strength set

I’ve been loving squat with halos lately (I recently posted a workout with that move and when I saw it in Athena’s recent workout post, it made me want to do them again!)- I think they are such a good full body move! The wall sits with knee raises came from Kim’s Daily 44 workout and I’m a BIG fan!

If you’re running short on time, feel free to only do each set once, skip the cardio or only do the cardio twice (beginning and end). Lots of ways to modify the workout based on how long you have for it! No excuses 🙂

Most of these moves have been on the blog before, but if you need clarification, don’t hesitate to ask me! One you may not know is the burpee kick cardio move- all you do is drop down into a burpee, come up and do a right kick, go back down to a burpee and come up and do a left kick. I’ve been doing these in kickboxing and they’re great (thanks to a reader, Lori, who told me about this move!).

Overall, the workout left us all incredibly sweaty and beat by the end. I’m always so jealous of everyone when they get to be done their workout after that class, haha it’s sometimes hard to know I’ve got a whole other hour of cardio before I’m done 😉

Treadmill Workout

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a treadmill workout (last one was the 4.5 Mile Treadmill Run (or walk!)… mostly because I’m boring when I’m on the treadmill and tend to keep my incline and pace the same from one treadmill run to the next…. it’s hard for me to push myself on the treadmill! I changed it up last week and came up with this workout, which passed the time quite nicely.

25 minute beat boredom treadmill run

Now, just use my speeds as a guide- if you want to walk it, knock your speed down to a challenging walk pace for you. If you run faster than I do and my speeds aren’t challenging enough, run faster! It’s your workout- I’m just here to provide inspiration to help you get through your workout and to help you change things up!

The incline was definitely a challenge by the end of the 5% interval, but it felt good!

Questions for you: What’s your favorite move at the moment? Do you like to change up your speed and incline on the treadmill or do you usually keep it the same the whole time you’re on it?


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