Wednesday Workout: BOSU Partner Workout

As I mentioned on Monday, I taught a really fun class in SHRED last Thursday. Since I thought it was so fun, I knew I had to share it with all of you! I know that there are a number of instructors who read, so hopefully you can try it in one of your classes, or at least take pieces from it to try. If you’re working out solo, no worries- the workout can be totally adaptable to that, too.

BOSU partner workout

As the directions state, if you’re doing this with a partner, partner “A” will do 12 reps of the strength move. While partner “A” is completing that, partner “B” will do the cardio move. You’ll do the cardio move until “A” finishes their part. After, you’ll switch and “B” will do the strength and “A” will do the cardio. When you’ve finished each exercise, you’ll do the core exercise, generally with a partner.

If you don’t have a partner, you can still complete this workout, just do the cardio move for 45 seconds after completing 12 reps of the strength move. Replace the partner core work with exercises that don’t require a partner.

Here are some explanations of the moves:

  • Plank jacks- 1 person holds a forearm plank while the other person jumps over the planker’s legs. Switch halfway through.
  • Sit ups w/ball pass– if you don’t have a partner, you can do this against a wall
  • Push-Ups w/2 knees on BOSU- With the ball side down, place your hands on the outer edge of the black base of the BOSU and do 1 push-up. When you finish, bring your right knee into your chest and then your left knee. Repeat.
  • Back to Back ball pass- stand back to back with your partner, about a foot away from each other. While keeping your hips still and core tight, you twist right and left passing the ball around you to your partner. Switch directions halfway through.
  • Plank w/partner high-five- Get into a high plank a few feet from your partner. Alternate right and left high fives. This adds extra work for your core in order to keep you balanced and keep your hips from lifting.


I think that should cover it! I did this twice through in class, with the second round going for 10 reps instead of 12.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Questions for you: Do you like partner workouts? What’s your favorite BOSU exercise?