Free workout with Ultimate Bootcamp!

I wanted to pop in quickly to tell you about a free workout that the Ultimate Bootcamp is hosting this Sunday, March 23rd at 9:45am. They want to get you pumped for Spring and thought a great way to do that was to host a free, outdoor workout. I’m not able to go this weekend, but I wish I was!


In addition to a great workout (Athena and I went in the fall and had a blast!), you also get discounts to retailers such as Sports Authority and Reekbok AND other free treats/surprises. Sounds pretty great, right?!

The link to get more information and to sign up is here, so head on over and check it up and sign up if you’re interested.

Wednesday Workout: 30 Minute Upper Body & Core Super Sets Workout

Happy hump day, everyone!

Last Monday, I headed to the gym at my office building for a quick lunch time workout. Since I knew I had done a lot of squats and lunges in the class I taught on Sunday and was going to spin on Tuesday, I wanted to focus on the upper body and core to balance things out. I love doing super sets because they keep my heart rate up and they generally leave me pretty sore for a few days after. This workout was no exception- my chest was sore for at least 2 days!

Upper Body & Core Super Sets Workout

As the directions state, you’re going to do 12 reps of exercise A and then 12 reps of exercise B. You’re going to repeat those 2 exercises twice more before moving on to the next set. I alternated from upper body to core rather than doing all upper body and finishing out the workout with core. When I do that, I tend to lose interest and usually cut my workout short. In order to not miss out on the core exercises, I knew I had to do them in the midst of everything else.

Here are some links to some exercises that might need explanations:

*Alternating Wide Grip Rows– Instead of doing both arms at the same time (like in the video), I did right, left, right, left, etc. until I got to 12 on each side

*Stability Ball Pass

*Bicep Curl to Press- Do a bicep curl and then when you get to 90 *, push the weights out in front of you. Repeat.

I think that should be it, but if you have questions, feel free to let me know.

I’ve had a handful of people in my classes recently¬†tell me that they’ve been doing the workouts that I post, which is amazing! You have no idea how good it makes me feel to hear you girls say you actually do the workouts that I shares- thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Questions for you: What exercise/workout format always leaves you sore? Do you tend to lose interest at the end of your workout and end early?