Wednesday Workout: My New Favorite Format- single, double, hold

Good morning! For those of you in Boston or New England, how are you handling all the snow? Have you had some time off from work? I’ve had to work from home, but it’s been hard since I can’t access some things I need.  Luckily I have LOTS of blog posts I can write, especially thanks to all your suggestions this week! Thanks for all your kind words on my new format- I’m really enjoying the simplistic look and feel.

Today’s workout post has a dual purpose: to provide you with a new workout format AND exercises to do with the new format. I was initially inspired by Nicole when I saw her post this workout. I love how she took one exercise and did it 3 ways. My twist on this workout is to work an exercise in a singular way, then double (or normal) and finish with a hold; a progression, so to speak.

So, take squats, for instance:

  • Single let squats- right & left
  • Regular squat
  • Squat hold

Get it? You can do it with lots of different exercises- here are a few to get you started:


  • Alternating curls (or you can do just curls on the right then on the left)
  • Regular curls (both arms)
  • Isometric hold (at 90*)


  • Alternating single arm kickback
  • Double arm kickback
  • Hold in the kickback extension


  • Single leg bridge right & left
  • Double leg bridge
  • Bridge hold


  • Single leg v-sits right & left
  • Regular v-sit
  • V-sit hold


  • Plank w/alternating knee drops
  • Plank w/double knee drops
  • Plank hold

… I could go on and on!

Progression Workout Format

Nicole later posted this workout, which again is similar, but not exactly what I’ve come up with. Even though I thought of this format before this workout came out, I thought I’d still share her workout since it looks awesome!

I’d love to know what you think of this workout format or if you use it I’d love to know what exercises you applied the progression to! When I did it, I did squats, bicep curls, bridges, leg lifts, tricep extensions, crunches and a few others. What I love about the format is you only have to do each progression for 30 seconds. I repeated each exercise progression twice to get a little extra burn.

Questions for you: What’s your favorite workout format (HIIT? Tabata? Timed circuits? Reps?)? What exercise would you choose for a progression?

Currently I’m Crushing On… {pt.2}

I have been meaning to write a second “Currently I’m Crushing On…” post for a while now, but for one reason or another, I never got around to it. I’m hoping to make this a more regular reoccurring post series, so here we go!

Chapstick Hydration Lock

I probably have some of the most chapped lips you’ll ever see. It doesn’t seem to matter how much chapstick I put on, my lips never get soft. RM jokes and calls me “chappy” and says I have this problem because I have big lips and therefore a bigger surface area to cover. I think he’s just full of it, but still. I have been trying to be better about keeping my list moisturized and this Chapstick has helped! I put the “night” side on before bed and when I get up and put the other end on throughout the day. While I still have chapped lips, they feel better when I put this on.


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Burpees to Bubbly Got A Face Lift!

Good morning and happy Monday! If this is your first time here since last week, you may have been a little surprised to see a different look on the site, right? I’m happy to say that Burpees to Bubbly has finally gotten a much needed face lift! What do you think? My goal going into the change was to make the format cleaner: less pictures, less words, cleaner format, less general clutter. With the help of patientMOON, I was able to make some big strides towards my blog revamp and face lift. They did a great job, didn’t they?

face lift

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Coconut Crusted Healthified Chicken Tenders {gluten free & dairy free}

Did I have you at “coconut encrusted”?? :) RM has been getting creative in the kitchen and this was a meal that I couldn’t not share with you. Not only was it super easy to put together, it makes you feel like you’re indulging but without the guilt. These are gluten free, dairy free, packed with protein and other super foods and taste delicious. Win, win, win!

Coconut crusted chicken tenders

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Wednesday Workout: Total Body Step 360 & Resistance Band Workout

Phew. That’s a mouthful, right? I promise, though, the workout is not as complicated as the name may elude to. It’s actually quite simple in terms of format, but if you’re using a tight/strong resistance band, I promise you will feel it. This workout is also adaptable to at-home or at a hotel room if you replace the Box 360 jump squats with just regular jump squats and do the other exercises requiring the Step 360 without it- simple as that, right?

For this workout, you’ll do 3 rounds of each super set without rest in between rounds. In between the super sets, perform 10 Box 360 (or regular step or no step) jump squats.

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