5 Ways to spruce up your spring

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Believe it or not, it’s already April. How, exactly, this happened, I’m still not sure! If feels like we were just changing our clocks back in October and a few weekends ago we moved the clocks forward. Time really does fly!


However, whether we are ready or not, and even though the weather isn’t showing any signs of it, spring is here.

As the seasons change, I find myself looking for ways to spruce things up a bit. Whether it’s my workouts, my wardrobe, my hobbies, our house decor, etc. I feel like season changes are the perfect time to do this, don’t you agree?

If you’re feeling a little “blah” as the winter weather lags a bit more than we may like, check out 5 ways that may help you perk up and get excited for spring.

1. Closet swap out – If you’re like me and are not lucky enough to have a closet that fits your whole wardrobe in it, now is the perfect time to start swapping out your winter clothes for spring/summer clothes. While we still aren’t *quite* there with full-time warm temps, they will be here before you know it! Added bonus: shop for a few new spring/summer items. I recently went shopping and noticed that stores all had such great deals, so it’s worth checking out if you feel like you need something new!

2. Take your workout outside – As soon as the weather starts to hint at being warm, I find myself craving the outdoors. Whether it’s running, a park bootcamp or even just going for long walks, the spring months are a great time to get outside. To piggy back off of this, buy yourself a new workout top, headband or cute leggings! You can usually find great deals on these things at Old Navy and Marshalls/TJ Maxx. I promise it’ll be motivation to move!


3. Fire up your grill – I don’t know about you, but I miss grilling season! We fully utilized our grill last summer, whether it be chicken, steak, fish, veggies, pizza – we loved grabbing a drink, firing it up and hanging out outside. It’s also a great time to find new recipes to test out!


4. Plan a summer weekend getaway – Even if I just book tickets to a show or a weekend at our Cape house, I love having weekend plans to look forward to! Last summer we spent a lot of time in Boston which was a fun change, but this summer I would like to spend more time on the Cape and in Maine.


5. Clean up your Social Medial accounts – I think if we all took a look at the list of people we follow, emails we subscribe to posts we “like”, we could EASILY remove at least 10 people/emails from those lists, right? I know I definitely need to do this because there are some people who I follow that don’t add anything to my day to day or life. In fact, I find myself falling into the comparison trap when I read their posts. Or, I get annoyed because of where they are in their careers and why they got there. No one needs something that makes them feel like that, #amitright? So, I challenge you to “unfollow” anyone who isn’t ADDING something to your social media scrolling and day to day.

Do me a favor and leave a comment to let me know how you’re sprucing things up this spring season. Are you planning any trips? Doing anything new? Signed up for any races?

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!



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