Happy New Year!

Well another year come and gone- can you believe it? As I mentioned yesterday, 2014 had some drastic, pretty great changes and I never imagined when 2014 started that it would end so awesome- serious, awesome boyfriend, new job, new apartment, friends engaged and pregnant… it’s so crazy!

Last year, I wrote up a bunch of “goals” for 2014:

1. Be more present.
2. Slow down and learn that it’s OK to say “no”.
3. Practice more yoga.
4. Focus more on the present, less on the past. Focus more on the positives, less on the negatives.
5. Become a better instructor and become a personal trainer.
6. Grow Burpees to Bubbly.
7. Be more financially stable.
8. Be more accepting of myself.

I put goals in quotations because more than anything, I just wanted to be more aware of these things and to work towards improvement in these areas. Most of these goals were not achievable in the sense of being able to check them off and say “yup. goal achieved”. Rather, they were areas of improvement I think I’ll continuously want to make in my life.

When I look back at 2014, I think I really have come a long way and have grown into myself even more. As far as 2015, I don’t really have any big, lofty goals. I am not going into the year hoping I’ll teach X amount of classes. I’m not hoping to squat XXX amount of weight. I’m not thinking about getting X amount of unassisted pull-ups (although I would like to get to 5!). I’m not working on going strictly paleo or losing X pounds. I’m not looking to buy a house.

Rather, I am just looking to stay present in my day to day activities.

I want to stay happy, healthy and fit (<—- get it?! 😉 )

I want to save more and spend less.

I want to explore more fitness trends and get more certifications.

I want to continue to become stronger at the gym, while also continuing to take time off from the gym when necessary and realize a good workout is not the end all, be all.

I want to meditate more, practice yoga more, and find peace with stillness and relaxation.

I want to cook more and experiment in the kitchen.

I want to get to Maine more.

I want to live passionately- in all aspects of my life, because where’s the fun in just going through the motions?

So, what about you? What are you looking forward to this year? Do you like to make resolutions, set goals or just open up to whatever the new year has planned for you?

Happy New Year, my friends- thank you for being so wonderful! I hope this year brings you happiness in everything you do!