Weekend {Picture} Recap: Kennebunkport, Lounging, Shopping

This past weekend was awesome, partly because it was a long weekend, partly because it was spent with my family in Maine and partly because I was able to relax and have some “me” time. Here’s my recap.. in pictures!


IMG_5924IMG_5926 IMG_5927 IMG_5928

We decided to share some pizza’s (David’s is known for their pizzas), as well as a burger and I got the Beef and Barley soup.

IMG_5930 IMG_5931 IMG_5932IMG_5929IMG_5941

got my hair highlighted/lunch at Davids KPT/Drinks at Hurricane Restaurant/Checking out mom’s “ugly Christmas sweater” collection. Could be worth lots of money these days.


Danielle and I got up early on Saturday to head back to Brighton for my kickboxing class and then hung around and relaxed for the afternoon.


Gathering my Christmas decorations/relaxing/shopping at the Gap


IMG_5949 IMG_5951 IMG_5952 IMG_5954

Sunday morning workout/Birthday shopping for my sister (We got her AMAZING deals on workout clothes- 3 tops, 1 sports bra and 2 pants for $47!!!)/shopping for me (because I hadn’t spent enough $$$ all weekend! In all honesty, though, I needed both pairs of shoes!)/weekly food/salad/lunch prepping

Questions for you: What was the best thing you did all weekend? If you could always have a 3 day weekend, would it be Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Monday? What is the last thing you splurged on for yourself while shopping?

I Bought A Computer, Bruins game, Apartment Hunting & Day Drinking in the City

Hey everyone! How has your weekend been? Mine has been pretty good so far. I have to say, the feeling of knowing that I had NO plans that I absolutely had to do was really nice. Like, really nice. I spent yesterday afternoon having cocktails and hanging out with friends in the city and I kept feeling guilty for “hanging out” because there were so many other things I could be doing, but then I gave myself a little pep talk and told myself to relax and enjoy the moment. There was nothing urgent that I had to do; sneaker shopping, cleaning, grocery shopping… those were all things that could wait until later in the day or not at all! I’m just so used to always being on a tight schedule that it takes a bit for me to feel ok with having free time to spend however I want.

Anyway, let’s catch up. As I mentioned yesterday, I was on a mission to find a new computer. Well, I found one and I’m currently blogging from it! I ended up going with a Lenovo, thanks to my work IT department’s suggestion (and Jean, I got excited when you said you had one, too!) and I think I will be very happy with it. As much as I wanted a Mac, I needed to be financially smart about this purchase and try to find something within my budget. Some day I’ll get a Mac, but for now, I think this Lenovo is going to do juuuuust fine! It’s pretty fancy and unlike any computer I’ve ever used (the screen display and settings), but I think I’ll get the hang of it soon enough.

IMG_3974 IMG_3975

It’s a pretty fun new toy! After I bought this beauty, I decided to swing by Old Navy since I heard they had cute shorts and bathing suits. I mean, why not keep spending, right? I scored some pretty sweet deals, though! Shorts were on sale for $12.50 each (!!!!) and bathing suits for $10 each. I couldn’t believe it!


Cute right?! I was happy with what I got and how little I spent! I was also amazed with myself for the fact that not only did I run errands in the pouring rain, but I also tagged along with my sister and her friends for a night in the city! The Bruins were playing game 4 and we thought it would be fun to go to a bar near the garden and watch it there. The lines were incredibly long everywhere, but we were able to get into North Star fairly quickly. I still can’t believe I went!


Bruins for the win! It was fun being in the midst of all the crazy sports fans, because anyone who knows me knows that I am so far the opposite of that. This was the first game I actually watched all season!

Yesterday morning, I knew I wanted to work out, but wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted t do. I decided to go to the 10am BodyPump class with one of my favorite instructors. Normally, I do cardio before or after BodyPump, but yesterday I opted to just do the class. I went heavy on the weights and it felt great! (well, minus the bar on my back during squats… does anyone else get so uncomfortable during the squat track? Now that I am lifting heavier- 20lbs on each side- the bar really hurts my upper back!).

Post BP, I showered quickly and my sister, Kelly and I headed to East Boston to look at an apartment!!! So exciting that I am finally starting to look at places to rent come September. The whole thing is really stressful (it’s so expensive to live on your own in Boston), but I am excited for the change and to live alone. The apartment was awesome and I actually really liked the area of East Boston that it was in. The only problem was that the bathroom was TINY. Like seriously tiny, BUT the kitchen and back deck did make up for it. I am going to see another one in that building (a little cheaper) next week I think. If any of you have suggestions or know of any open apartments, let me know!


(Wore my new shorts!)

We grabbed lunch at Jerry Remy’s in the Seaport. The weather had warmed up and we were able to get a table on the deck! Beautiful views!


We had beers and shared sliders and nachos… calories don’t count on Saturdays 😉


My friend Jessi met up with us so after we finished eating, we decided to find a new spot to have another drink. We tried to go to the Legal’s roof deck, but it was closed for a private function. Boooo. We ended up going to the Mexican restaurant next door and sat at the bar. They had all the windows wide open so it was almost like we were sitting outside. Such a fun Saturday afternoon!!

I dragged Danielle to the grocery store with me on our way home. Where do you guys usually shop? I like Market Basket because it’s SO cheap, but I’ve been going to Stop n Shop lately because it’s less crowded. We stopped in at the Star Market today and it was SO expensive compared to most grocery stores. Chobani’s were on sale for 88 cents which was the only good thing about that trip. Whomp whomp.

My friend Meredith just posted this fun recipe for chicken tenders so I decided to make some for dinner last night! I didn’t follow her recipe, but it helped me remember that I love making chicken tenders! I also made sweet potato “fries” and had corn on the cob (sorry, it seems like I eat this all the time, but I am obsessed with it lately!!). Fun, easy, healthy Saturday night meal!



In other news, I need to take a second to say that even though I had a great day yesterday, I had a very heavy heart. Our cousin’s wife passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer. Katrina and Sean had love like we all dream of having, and I cannot imagine what Sean is going through. Katrina was one of a kind; the most caring, energetic, fun loving, giving, wonderful person whom we will all miss so much. We were lucky enough to share a cabin with the two of them when we were at our other cousin’s wedding in Vermont last September; we were definitely the “fun” cabin. Sending lots of love and support to my cousin, Sean, and everyone else who was lucky enough to know Katrina.

Questions for you: Did you buy anything fun this weekend? Where do you go grocery shopping? Any suggestions for where I should move in September?