Workouts I’m Loving {and all less than 45 minutes!}

Happy Monday! Did you guys have a good weekend? RM and I did- we had a datenight, did lots of biking and ended Sunday night with some meal prep & relaxing- can’t go wrong with any of that!

Today, I wanted to share a little glimpse into the workouts I’ve been doing lately. I, like most (I assume), tend to go through phases with my workouts; sometimes I’m all about running, sometimes I’m all about lifting heavy, sometimes I just want to do a quickie workout, etc. While I like to keep some sort of consistency when it comes to my workouts (it helps me track progress and see fitness gains), I try to listen to my body and do the types of workouts that I’m craving as I crave them. Otherwise, I will end up dreading and not enjoying my workout which is a recipe for disaster!

That said, here’s what I’ve been finding myself doing lately:

  • Boxing- As an EBF instructor, I try to get to at least one boxing class a week. Partly to learn from other instructors in terms of combinations, format, music, etc. (I think it’s so important for instructors to go to other people’s classes to help them grow & learn more), but partly because it’s a great – and fun- workout! It also helps me get to know the members and other instructors better, which is especially important at a place like EBF since it’s hugely community oriented.

  • Spinning- Lately, running has been bothering my hip 😦 so I’ve been doing more spinning. Without fail, even a quickie spin sesh will get me sweating and feeling pumped up. It’s especially more fun with my new TIEM Athletic shoes!

  • Biking– Spinning is fun, but riding a real bike outside is more fun! I’ve been enjoying the nicer weather as it’s allowed me to ride my bike to the gym to teach (gets me there faster than driving!). RM and I have also been doing a lot of biking which is a great way to spend time with each other and be outside!

  • Quickie HIIT workouts- Unless I’m teaching an hour long class (which I rarely do these days), I don’t want to be a the gym for a long time which means I fully embrace quickie 20-30 minute workouts. Some are more intense than others, but none last longer than 30 minutes. I’ve been going to the gym at lunch as much as possible which is another reason why I can’t spend a long time working out. The best part? My body has been responding so much better to these shorter workouts! I feel quick & strong and I’m looking more buff!

  • Upper body workouts- I want big, beautifully strong shoulders so I’ve been putting more focus on upper body/shoulder focused workouts. Only a few weeks/month into this slight shift and I feel like I’m already seeing changes, which just goes to show that you don’t have to spend hours in the gym a day in order to see or feel changes. You just have to make sure what you’re doing is the best use of your time and going to effectively challenge you.

(also- loved Lauren’s Fit in 15 mini workout series- so great to get quickie, but effective, workouts in!)

  • Outdoor workouts- With the warmer weather *mostly* here, it makes me want to get outside as much as possible. Last week, I brought a resistance band and jump rope to work and went outside during my lunch to get a quickie workout in.

There you have it! Per usual, I try to keep a good balance of cardio, strength, HIIT, etc. in my workout schedule so that I’m not overworking any one thing. I’d like to add more yoga into my schedule, but I’ve been teaching so much lately that I haven’t wanted to take an hour-hour and a half to get to a class when I’m not teaching. In the next few weeks, my schedule should lighten up a bit so I will absolutely get to yoga!

I’d love to hear from you- what workouts are you loving right now? Have you been working out outside? Do you find yourself more or less motivated to workout when the weather gets nice?

Wednesday Workout: Taking your workout outside

Hi! How are you today? I have a bunch of workouts that I’ve been meaning to write up for you, but since the weather has been so nice and I’ve, personally, been trying to take my workouts outside as much as possible, I wanted to give YOU some ideas of ways to take YOUR workout outside, too!


You only think that running and walking are outdoor workouts, but those are just a few of the many other ways to get fit while breathing in fresh air and catching some rays (with sunscreen, of course!). So, if you’re looking for a way to change up your standard walk or run, try some of these workouts!

Add in plyometric exercises, core moves or other boot camp style exercises to your walk or run routine

This is my favorite way to split up a run and make it seem, less… boring. I’ve done it by breaking up the run into time segments or mile segments. I’ve also added in a number of different “mini circuits” or exercises to change it up. Here are some of my favorites:

Run & Strength Workout

run + strength training

Wednesday Workout: Run/Walk & Park Boot Camp Circuit


Wednesday Workout: Run/Walk & Superset Workout

run-walk superset

Run for it:


Even though those are “running” workouts, you can always modify them to be a walking workout if that’s what you’d rather do! And, if running or walking are not your things, here are some other activities that get your heart rate up and let you enjoy the outdoors!


Whether it’s an organized bootcamp through your town/city/gym or just a group of people that get together to workout outside, bootcamps are a great way to workout! It’s a very team-like environment and doing it outside encourages you to use ordinary things as workout tools. Think: park bench, money bars, logs, etc. Athena used to teach an outdoor bootcamp and it always looked so fun.



Warm weather seems to bring everyone together. Be it tennis or basket ball or softball or kickball, there are loads of ways to get outside and be active! There are often various leagues that you can join, too. The BSSC is a big one for that.

November Project

If you’re on social media, you’ve surely seen all sorts of posts about November Project or seen their “grassroots” stamp all over peoples’ workout clothes. I haven’t participated in any of the workouts, but I have a lot of gym friends that do and it seems like an amazing time. Anyone can participate in the workouts and it looks like it is a huge team/family feeling.

Canoeing or Kayaking

If you’re in or around the Boston area, I highly suggest heading over to Charles River Canoe & Kayak. You can rent canoes or kayaks and go out by yourself or with friends. My sister and I did it one summer and it was so fun! Not to mention a terrific upper body workout and a great way to work on your tan 😉


Last weekend, my dad came down and we gardened together and let me tell you, it’s not easy! Between lifting and carrying heavy bags of soil, raking, shoveling, etc., I felt like I had a full body workout! Pulling potatoes is also a tough job. A way to get more exercise in? Rather than using a hose, use a watering bucket which requires more trips back to the faucet, which means more walking, which means more calories burned 🙂


Swimming/Water Aerobics

My mom is a huge water aerobic fan so whenever we are together in a pool during the summer, she’s doing some type of exercise: jogging in place, leg lifts, arm circles, crunches. This is a great way to be outside in the sun and getting a workout in.


Did I miss any? What’s your favorite way to workout outside? Do you participate in any athletic leagues? Are you a “November Project-er”?