2016 Holiday Season Recap

Last night I went home directly after work so that I could try and get some of the blog posts in my head into my computer. Although I’ve tried to keep my weekend/holiday/life recaps to a minimum, I’ve realized that it makes me happy to share them because along with B2B {hopefully} being a resource for you when it comes to workouts and things like that, it’s also a bit of a diary for me. I love looking back on old blog posts to see what I was up to- the ultimate trip down memory lane!

With that said, we had such a great holiday season that I wanted to share a bit about it!

The celebrations started on the 23rd as that’s RM’s birthday. This year we went to Hopsters and made beer! I’ll share a full recap on that soon, but for now just know it was such a fun experience!


Next up was Christmas Eve. I had to teach in the morning and it was an absolute blast!! It was a decent crowd considering the holiday, and lots of people sported the red, white and green color scheme which made for one happy instructor πŸ™‚


Later that day I got a massage and then RM and I hit up Buff’s for a little quiet time before the craziness of Christmas Eve/Christmas started.

This year we went to RM’s mother’s house for Christmas Eve, which was a wonderful experience! As his family is from Italy, we had quite the feast consisting of fried calamari & smelts, Ahi tuna, stuffed quahogs, pasta with lobster, breaded shrimp, seafood salad with octopus, calamari, shrimp, etc. and baccala. Oh, and chocolate molten cake for dessert πŸ˜‰ It was all as incredible as it sounds!

img_7534 img_7535 img_7547 img_7550

It was so fun waking up at home on Christmas morning, especially as our first Christmas as a married couple! We went to Church and then hit the road to Maine to spend Christmas night with my family.Β We opened presents and drank wine and had a really nice roast chicken meal- it was a fun new-to-us tradition!

img_7561 img_7563


Once we got back to MA, we had a few days of “normalcy” before heading to Florida to celebrate Jessi and Chuck’s wedding. Overall, it was such an awesome trip! The wedding was at The VInoy in St. Petersburg and we opted to rent an Air BNB instead, which worked out perfectly as it was only 2 blocks from the hotel. I was asked to do a reading at the wedding, which was such an honor! I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

img_7593 img_7594 img_7598 img_7610 img_7615 img_7616 img_7621 img_7627 img_7632 img_7636 img_7637 ueyw3039
Dress courtesy of Best Dressed!


Some of us opted to stay through NYE so after brunch RM and I went for a walk then laid poolside with my friends for most of the day. NYE was relatively lowkey as we just hung out at the hotel bar. New Years Day was the most perfect weather and luckily we had a later flight so we got to catch some more sun. And then before we knew it, it was time to go home 😦 I can’t wait until Jessi is back from her honeymoon so we can recap the wedding because it was so wonderful- everything about it couldn’t have been more perfect!

img_7746 img_7788 img_7789

Phew! What a great holiday season, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to get back to a more normal (to me) lifestyle which includes less drinking and eating out and more making food at home and going to bed at 10pm πŸ˜‰

I hope all of you had a great end to 2016 and are kicking off 2017 feeling good! I can’t wait to recap 2016- it was quite an amazing year for us πŸ™‚

Wedding Recap: Part 3 {Reception}

Hi there! I’m back with another wedding recap. I figured since I’m ready to start recapping our honeymoon, I should probably just finish this post which has been drafted for an embarrassingly long tim! In case you missed the others, here you go:

Wedding Recap Part 1
Wedding Recap Part 2

I last left off as we were getting ready to be introduced as Mr. & Mrs., right? Yes, that’s exactly where I left off! Since we didn’t really have wedding parties, our family just got introduced from their seats and then we did our entrance as we made our way to the dance floor for our first dance.

momo(418of751) momo(419of751)

Funny story: we had a song picked and all planned out and then literally 10 minutes before we were supposed to enter the tent RM felt like we needed to go to our plan B song since we didn’t get to practice enough for our plan A song. Luckily the band was able to download our new first dance song with a few minutes to spare πŸ˜‰

momo(420of751) momo(423of751) momo(426of751) momo(430of751) momo(432of751)

After the first dance, my parents did a speech, RM’s brother did a speech and then my sister did a speech. Everyone did such a wonderful job with the speeches- we were laughing and crying as they shared memories/stories/etc. It was such a special part of the night.

momo(451of751) momo(464of751) momo(492of751)

After that it was time to eat! While the steak ended up being a little over-cooked (pretty typical for wedding food I think), everything else was really perfect. We had crab cakes to start, fresh salads, either steak or swordfish (or a vegetarian meal that I heard was unbelievably good) and then instead of cake, we had a huge assortment of Italian pastries/cookies. RM’s mother and some of her sister’s made some of the items at our dessert bar- all of which were fantastic! I also provided the guests with little takeaway bags so that they could take some cookies home, which ended up being a really great idea since there were so many cookies left over!

img_0098 img_0101 img_0102 img_0108

{above food photos taken by our family friend, Jeanne, who is amazing!}


After dinner a lot of people ventured out of the tent for a bit of a reprieve from the heat inside the tent, but once the sun went down a bit, people were pretty much on the dance floor ALL night, which is exactly what I wanted! For the father/daughter dance, we started off dancing to a slow song and then about halfway through I gave the nod to the band to switch it up and start playing “Happy” by Pharrell,Β  since that was a song my dad really wanted to dance to. We also invited my mom onto the dance floor with us and it was so much fun! My dad’s smile and dance moves were just priceless πŸ™‚

img_0110 img_0111

RM’s dance with his mother was a bit more mellow, but still very sweet. I love seeing how much he loves her!


I happily spent the rest of the night on the dance floor, living it up with everyone. One of my favorite parts of the night was when the song “American Girl” by Tom Petty came on and RM came out of nowhere to grab me and start dancing- he was quite the dancing machine and by the end of the song my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much.

momo381of751momo619of751 momo634of751 momo643of751 momo646of751 momo654of751 momo660of751 momo694of751 momo702of751 momo712of751 momo717of751 momo742of751 momo748of751

img_5504 img_5502 img_5501

After a few more hours of dancing, we closed out the night with one last slow-er song before heading into the Inn for late night snacks and piano show tunes πŸ˜‰

img_5517 img_5524 img_5526

Overall, it was the most perfect, amazing, magical night that I will never forget. Everything that we, as brides, worry about leading up to the big event went better than I could’ve expected. We laughed, we cried, we ate & drank, we danced and we soaked up all of the love. We would re-live the day/night a million times over if we could. Thank you to everyone who made our day so special!

Photo Credit: Janelle Carmela Photography– she’s absolutely amazing!!

Wedding Recap Part 2: Getting Ready & The Ceremony

In case you missed the first recap, you can find it here. Now we are on to the main event πŸ™‚

I could barely sleep the night before the wedding so I was up pretty early, although I had to force myself to stay in bed since I didn’t want to see RM in the hotel before he went golfing. Once I knew it was safe to leave the room, I went for a quickie run and then completed a few quickie circuits at the Inn’s little fitness room with my sister. It was the best way to start the day!

Another favorite thing about the venue was that most of the people were staying there so we were constantly bumping into people at breakfast or in the lobby or in the parking lot. It was basically a 2 day sleepover party and I loved every second of it πŸ™‚

Around 11 we started the getting ready process. My best friend Jessi’s twin sister, Josie, did our hair. She is amazing and I wish she could do my hair every day! I originally thought that I wouldn’t have wanted a lot of people around on the day of the wedding, but I was surprisingly so calm and was really just SO happy that I didn’t care who was around! It was a small-ish group with me, but it was some of my favorite people so it was perfect.

IMG_9887 IMG_9888

Even better? As I was getting my hair done the hotel staff surprised me with a beautiful bottle of bubbly and chardonnay and a cheese plate and chocolate covered strawberries from RM- totally made my morning!

IMG_9899 IMG_9900

I’m so thankful for my mom’s friend Jeanne who was there before Janelle (our photographer) got there because she was able to capture some great “getting ready” photos.


Once Janelle showed up we were able to take some additional photos, ones that are so special to me because they remind me of exactly how I was feeling. I loved having my closest friends around and my family and knowing that in just a short amount of time I’d be marrying my love.

momo(13of751) momo(16of751) momo(20of751) momo(31of751) momo(44of751) momo(61of751) momo(66of751) momo(67of751) momo(68of751) momo(71of751) momo(73of751) momo(76of751) momo(81of751) momo(83of751) momo(94of751)

I think the only time of the day where I felt nervous was once I was all ready. I had about 10-15 mins before the ceremony was supposed to start and it was so hard to stay calm and relaxed… I was ready to go! As it was FINALLY time to walk over to the ceremony location, they had to stall me again because the guitarist had been a little late. Ah! Common! I just wanted to see RM.


And then it was time and all of a sudden all of my nerves went away.


I had both of my parents walk me down the aisle, although by the end it looked like I ended up walking myself down because both of them kept stepping on my dress, haha. Oops! And then there was a whole awkward situation when I got to RM because I tried to hug him then remembered my parents were supposed to do that so then I got flustered. It was pretty funny.

momo(134of751) momo(135of751) momo(142of751) momo(162of751)

Our ceremony was just how we wanted it- short and sweet. Kim, the officiant and our wedding coordinator, did a great job, but what stole the show for me was RM’s vows. He was bucking the idea of writing our own vows the whole time, but you’d never know because they were so wonderful, heartfelt and loving. He is the absolute best!

momo(190of751) momo(227of751) momo(230of751) momo(235of751)

After the ceremony we did a whole slew of photos while our guests enjoyed a 90 minute cocktail reception.

momo(262of751) momo(269of751) momo(273of751) momo(286of751) momo(310of751) momo(322of751) momo(326of751) momo(334of751) momo(343of751) momo(349of751) momo(566of751) momo(590of751) momo(598of751)

And then it was time to be announced as Mr. & Mrs. Magno, which will have to wait until another post… I got a little crazy sharing lots of pictures, but this is a great place for me to save the memories, #sorryimnotsorry…. πŸ˜‰

Next post will include the reception- if you made it this far, thank you!!! As always, thanks to Jeanne and Janelle for the amazing photos!!

#BuffBride Training Plan {Review}

I was all set to post another workout for you today, but when I went to grab the little piece of paper I had written it down on, of course it was no where to be found. This is my problem: I write my workouts on scraps of paper and leave them around the house everywhere (which absolutely drives RM crazy), so it’s really no wonder that I couldn’t find it.

But, even though I don’t have a workout for you today, I do have a review/recap of the #BuffBride training program/plan that my friend Athena created for me. I reached out to her back in May asking her if she’d be interested in writing something up for me to do for the month leading up to my wedding. I had no intention of going on any strict “bridal plan” or diet (more on that later), but more so I just wanted something to help me keep a bit of consistency in my workouts. I knew working out regularly- even with the added stress and wedding related commitments- was not my issue, but rather it was that I would just do random things pending my mood.

While this is fine, I wasn’t feeling challenged, inspired or any sort of change in my body/strength. Even though I knew I could create a plan for myself, I just didn’t want to. I create so many workouts for my classes that by the time it comes to my own workouts my brain and workout creativity has generally been depleted… #fitnessinstructorproblems. But! The beauty of being in this industry is that I have so many fitness friends at my finger tips to help give me inspiration and something new to try. Sometimes all you need to get your workout mojo back is to have someone plan the workouts for you, incorporating some of your favorite moves but also some new-to-you moves.

Athena did just that! Shortly before June 1st she gave my my 4 week training plan with 3 different workouts per week. While they were all upper-body focused, they did include some lower body and lots of core which was great because it kept me training those parts of my body, too. Workouts for weeks 1 & 2 were the same (again, consistency!), as were weeks 3 & 4.

I think my favorite part about the whole thing was that I didn’t have to plan my own workouts πŸ˜‰ That, and that I was introduced to some new-to-me moves that I’ve consistently added into my training plan. The workouts didn’t leave me ridiculously sore- which is a good thing!- but I was able to really feel the workouts the next day… that sounds weird, but there is a difference between feeling really sore and just feeling like you worked out, haha. I also liked that I did each workout twice because I could try and increase my weights the second time around, which I did on most of the exercises!


(week 1, week 2/3 and week 4- slight visible changes)

Going into this, I knew I wouldn’t necessarily see or feel any drastic changes because, let’s face it, one month isn’t really enough time for those types of changes to really show, but I was ok with that. Even though I wanted to look and feel my best on my wedding day, I knew that getting a little extra muscle or definition really wasn’t going to sway the image of myself very much. I love the way I feel and look and am so proud of all my body can do for me so even if I hadn’t done a #BuffBride training plan before the wedding, I still would’ve been more than happy with how I looked. But, I will say I did love seeing my muscles in the pictures… something definitely worked!



All in all, I was really impressed with Athena’s training plan and could tell she had a method behind her madness, for a lack of better words πŸ˜‰ Every exercise within each workout had a purpose and worked well with the other exercises for that particular day, clearly showing me that Athena really knows what she’s doing (but I knew that anyway, duh!). If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your workouts or want a little help achieving various fitness goals or if you’re just looking for someone to help with consistency, I highly recommend Athena! Thanks girlfriend!


Wedding Photo Credit- the amazing Janelle!

Annapolis Summer Weekend

Good morning! I hope you are all staying as cool as you can- this heat wave is crazy! I wanted to pop in today to share some photos from the past weekend. We flew to Maryland to celebrate my cousin’s wedding in Annapolis. He and his fiance were able to come to our wedding, too, so it was a blast getting to share in each other’s special days! Plus, Keely and I hit it off way before we even met- we both love bubbly AND working out- obvi we were besties right away!


This was at our wedding

I hadn’t been to Annapolis since I was probably 14 and RM had never been so it was nice to get to explore together. Even though it was blistering hot, we were still able to enjoy how charming the city was and still were able to walk around a bit. Enjoy!

Our first stop wasΒ McGarvey’s for a late lunch- oysters & a fish sandwich with a side of bubbly… perfect way to kick off the weekend!

IMG_5732 IMG_5733

Similar to what we did the night before the wedding, they had a gathering for a crab feast which was a really awesome experience! I had never eaten crabs like this and while it was a lot of work for a small yield, it was a blast and totally delicious!

IMG_5734 IMG_5736 IMG_5737

IMG_5739 IMG_5740

We stumbled upon an amazing little restaurant on Saturday morning when we were searching for food. Metropolitan Kitchen & Bar was the hidden gem we were looking for. I got this amazing avocado toast with feta, tomatoes, a poached egg & a balsamic reduction, RM got a lamb hash and we shared a blueberry pancake and everything was outstanding!


After breakfast we walked around the city center and did some shopping before we went and toured/walked through the Naval Academy. Although it was SO hot, it was still really cool to walk around the campus and visit the museum. We highly suggest this if you travel to Annapolis!


The wedding was at the Maritime Museum which was right on the water. The ceremony was similar to ours: short & sweet! She looked absolutely stunning and I loved the simplistic details. They had incredible passed apps, too, and really great options for the food stations. It was fun getting to go to someone else’s wedding now that we know all that goes into planning on!

IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5763 IMG_5769 IMG_5770 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5778 IMG_5782

The after party was held at Pussers which was a great bar right on the water.


All in all, while it was a short trip, it was so much fun and I’m so happy we were able to partake in their special day as well as get to spend time with my family. Sean & Keely- we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!!

Questions for you: How was your weekend? Have you ever been to Annapolis?Β