4.5 Mile Treadmill Run (or walk!)

Remember how I said I ran 4.5 miles on Monday? I thought it might be fun if I shared with you what that run looked like.  I know if I am looking for a way to make a treadmill run seem less… how shall I say it… dreadful? boring? Lame? However you describe it, having a set plan for running when you go into the gym and switching up your speeds along the way really helps to make the time go by faster (and, watching re-runs of Seinfeld doesn’t hurt, either!).

treadmill run

(ok, so how cute are the chickadee pics?! Picmonkey has the cutest Easter themes!)

Obviously these speeds fit for me on this day, but if you need to bump them up or down depending on what your level is for any certain day (maybe you just feel like walking!), please do so… this is just a guide! Let me know if you try it.

Questions for you: Treadmill running- love it or hate it? Do you like having a plan when you go to the gym for a cardio sesh?