Wednesday Workout: Fenway Park Spartan Sprint- feeling nervous!

It seems as though obstacle course races are all the rage these days. Whether it be Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Savage, Spartan Races, or something else, it seems as though everyone’s doing some type of race that involves mud, electricity, climbing or something else that isn’t something you would generally choose to do unless it was part of a race. My friend Tim has been encouraging me to do these races ever since he started doing them a year ago. One would think that I, as a fitness nut, would have one of these races on the books for a while now, but for some reason, I have yet to do one!

Well, my friends, that’s about to change. I signed up for the Fenway Park Spartan Sprint, held IN Fenway Park next weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited. But… also a little nervous! While I workout A LOT (no surprise there), I have no idea how I will perform in an obstacle race. And, although I like to think I am in pretty decent shape, I don’t do CrossFit, so I have no idea how well I can row and how well I can climb.

My goal for the race is not to finish in a certain time. It is not to beat anyone on my team (Yes, Dave, that means you). It is not to do every obstacle without needing to do a penalty round of burpees. I mean, don’t get me wrong, if those things happened, I’d be ecstatic, but my goal for this race is really quite simple (and quite the opposite of how I usually approach things like this): to have fun, to push myself and to finish the race HAPPY and wanting to do more. If I go in there with an open mind and no expectations, I’ll end the race far better than I will if I go in with expectations that go unmet. Anyone else out there like this?

With that said, I want help from you guys! Have you ever done an obstacle course race? Do you have any “tips” to share? What’s the one thing you suggest preparing for?

I just watched this video and it is awesome. It definitely made me more pumped!

Thanks, in advance, for your feedback and tips! I have to say, it’s going to be pretty surreal doing this race in Fenway so soon after the Red Sox won the world series there. How cool, right?!


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Fenway Park Spartan Sprint- feeling nervous!

  1. trainhardmpe says:

    Obstacle races are exhilarating! First one usually makes ya nervous. Relax and have fun! Tips- do your best, everyone is there to help you, cheer on your teammates, work together, finish strong, and avoid injuries by using common sense! You’ll love it and by the time you’re done, you’ll be signing up for another one! Enjoy all the activities and festivities that the event offers. šŸ™‚ Good luck!

  2. julia says:

    Hi there. The video surely gets you pump up for the race. I did my first Spartan Sprint race back in September in Vermont with the champions. It was the hardest thing I ever done, like ever. I was nervous from the moment my hubby signed up the group, including my teenage boys. I did a little bit of training for the race. I can tell you I was not prepared. I ended up with bruises and cuts and doing 90 burpees. You will do fine. Just like you, I went to have fun, to push myself and to finish the race HAPPY and wanting to do more. No expectations and an open mind. I am doing my second Spartan Sprint in June 2014. It can become addictive. Random tips: Train the legs, you are going to need them to do most of the work for you. Lift heavy for the hercules joist-that thing is heavy. Learn to climb that rope. I am not and was not in the best of shape going into it. I am definitely training for the next one. This time I have something to proof to myself. Coincidentally, it is how and why I subscribed to your blog. For guidance and inspiration. Sorry for the long post. Wish you the best. Aroo!!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Yes that is exactly how I want to approach the race… and I am sure I will have to do lots of burpees! I think after this I will know what to do to train to be better, but for this one I just want to finish without injuries! Thank you for subscribing to my blog for those things- that is so sweet!

  3. Dave Vachon says:

    You thought I missed this didn’t you? Still love to read your blog! I’m exciting you’re on the team! Like I told you, I have a lot of confidence that you’ll do great. I think your attitude is absolutely the way to go. Go out, do your best and have an absolute blast. That was my attitude the first one I ran last year (at Fenway as well). After doing 4 more of these (a Spartan Sprint, a Spartan Super, a Warrior Dash and a Tough Mudder), going back and doing the same race again definitely makes me want to beat my original time. So that’s my motivating factor… If I crush my time from last year (~58 minutes) and you or anyone else on our team beats me silly, that will be an awesome result for me. I’m definitely competitive, but more so with myself than others. Like you said, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to beat everyone, but doing my best, improving my time from last year, and having fun are much more important. Other than the other training/obstacle tips we already talked about… I also think it’s good to go fast right out of the gates. I did this last time to get a head of most of the ppl in our heat. Otherwise you’re likely to have to wait for ppl at bottle necks or obstacles. It was worth it to me to push myself for 3-4 minutes in the beginning and rest later knowing I wouldn’t be behind everyone in my heat. By the way… they announced heats today! Our Team will be going at 12:00 noon! So I’ll plan to be at the park by 11:30. One week away tomorrow. Can’t wait!!:) Meanwhile, enjoy your trip to Chicago!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      yay! 12 noon is perfect! that’s a good tip about pushing yourself at the beginning… I was told to conserve energy for the end, but I don’t want to have to have a bad time because I’m waiting for people to finish an obstacle. I can see why you want to give yourself a goal as you’re a champ with these races! I see myself signing up for many more after this! thanks for all your tips and encouraging me to join your team šŸ™‚

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