My First Class At The Handle Bar’s New Fenway Location

A few weeks ago, I was contact by someone through The Handle Bar asking if I’d like to try a class at their new Fenway studio. Umm , duh! I’m always up for trying out new studios, especially ones that I’ve heard a lot about.


They were gracious enough to offer a free class to myself and a friend, so I asked my upstairs neighbor, Lisa, if she wanted to join since she always says how she wants to go to a spin class with me.

The whole experience was really enjoyable! They gave me shoes and water when I walked in, which was a nice surprise. I also loved that they had complimentary ear plugs, gum and hair elastics- all really helpful things when you’re going to an indoor cycling studio.


While there are no changing rooms or showers, there are cubbies and big bathrooms that can be used for changing. The studio itself was awesome! They had a ton of bikes and all different colored lights, which they would change throughout the class.


Per the norm for most indoor cycling studios, they choreograph the moves to the beat of the music, which I love! It makes the ride much more fun and much less boring than just going for an endurance ride to stimulate an outdoor ride. I have to say that the choreography for this particular class wasn’t as good as some others that I have been to, but it was still a good workout! It just seemed like she repeated choreography on a couple of different songs. I’m sure most people didn’t notice or care, but the instructor in me notices that stuff (and I have a really good memory when it comes to choreography and catch on quickly).

The class we went to was only about half full, which is always a bummer since I thrive off of the energy in those classes! There’s nothing like the feeling of being in a packed class, riding to loud music and feeling like you’re in it together with everyone else in the room. I’d love to go back to a class on a day/time that might draw a full studio- those are the best!

Overall, though, I loved the studio and would definitely go back again. They don’t offer a free first class, but they do give a discounted ride of $10 to new riders. Shoe rental is $2, which you do need for these particular bikes (plus, now that I’ve used the shoes, I don’t think I could go back to riding without them!). If you’re interested in trying out a class, head on over here.

Questions for you: Have you been to The Handle Bar? What’s your favorite part about indoor cycling studios?


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