Guest Post: Marblehead Marathoner’s Weekly Workouts

Good morning, friends! Since I’m still in Chicago, I decided to reach out to a friend for a guest post. Her name is Cara and she blogs over at Marblehead Marathoner. Funny little background story- Cara and I went to college together and met during orientation! We didn’t end up in the same group of friends at St. Mike’s, but we’ve recently reconnected… over fitness, of course! If you think my weekly workouts are crazy, just wait until you read through Cara’s workouts last week- she brings crazy athlete to another level! It’s inspiring to see how often she changes up her workouts. We’ve got some fun things planned in the next month or so (once life slows down a bit!), so be on the lookout ­čÖé

Here’s an example of a week of Marblehead Marathoner’s workouts- enjoy!


Thanks for having me over today! I’m Cara from Marblehead Marathoner and I’m really excited to share my weekly workouts with Burpees to Bubbly fans! I love working out, being active, and motivating others. I work out with Beantown Bootcamp and love trying new fitness class throughout our awesome city. Every Friday morning┬á┬áthis summer I help lead a free bootcamp at┬á6:30am at Christopher Columbus Park,┬áso if you like the work outs below please join me!

I believe in a full body approach to training and fitness happiness. I think anytime you can mix up what you are doing and work different muscle groups you will start seeing results. So the next time a friend mentions a new class they love, go check it out with them!


Upper Body Strength Training & Speed Training on the Treadmill 8 800s in 3:13 with 400 recovery

Cara guest post arm workout


Morning: Legs day! Stair repeats, lunges (1/4 mile weighted with 20 lbs dumbbells each hand), 100 squats, 4 hill repeats ( 2 backwards, 2 forward).

Evening: Cycling Class at B/Spoke. Mostly hill simulation with a few weighted arm exercises.

Cara guest post B.Spoke


Tababta Style! Each exercise is 25 seconds on 5 seconds off. 4 cycles for each drill.

  1. Wall climb, hands on ground, legs running up wall.
  2. Lung Backs Prison Style- hands behind head ( 2 cycles each leg).
  3. Squat Jumps with Donkey Kicks.
  4. Wall sits.
  5. Planks with leg raises.
  6. Box Jumps.
  7. Step Ups ( rapid fire! 2 cycles each side).
  8. Single leg squats with bench. Fully sit between squats.
  9. Push Ups ( modify on knees).
  10. Crunches on stability ball.
  11. 2 mins on the bike with resistance high and aim to burn 20 calories in the 2 mins.

Repeat entire cycle for full one hour workout.

Cara guest post tabata


Hills and Drills! I headed to Beacon Hill and ran 10 hills with 5 squat thrusts at the top of each hill. Finished with 10 hills and 50 squat thrusts and some burning legs.

Cara guest post hills and drills


Free Friday Bootcamps at Christopher Columbus Park 6:30am with Beantown Bootcamp. A mix of cardio/ strength/ agility always changing and motivating!

Cara guest post bootcamp

Saturday: (typically my long run day but this weekend moved to Monday)

4 rounds in a tennis tournament aka 6 hours of tennis. A full body work out if ever there was one!

Cara guest post tennis


30 min yoga for runners DVD

75 mins elliptical cross training

Cara guest post yoga

Here is a total body do anywhere workout for your to try this week on your own. You can watch the video here:

Do Anywhere Work Out:

  • 25 Jumping Jacks ( straight arms and legs, clap those hands together at the top!)
  • 25 Push Ups ( modify on knees or challenge yourself and use a desk/ chair elevate your shoulders higher then your feet).
  • 25 Jump Lunges ( Total, make that knee touch the ground! Stand tall! ┬áBelly button pointing straight ahead)
  • 25 Dips ( move the legs further out to make it harder, remember to drop down straight and aim for getting that bum close to the ground!
  • 25 Sit Ups ( come all the way up- touch those toes!)
  • 25 Burpees ( challenge yourself with a hand release at the bottom, stand up straight at the top of each one).
  • 25 Squats ( get low! Drop that bum below those knees, chin up, belly button facing straight out, not down!)

Repeat 4 times.

Nice work! You just completed 100 Jumping Jacks, 100 Push Ups, 100 Jump Lunges, 100 Dips, 100 Sit Ups, 100 Burpees, 100 Squats

You can follow me to find some fun fitness ideas and motivation!

Thanks again for having me!


How about those workouts, right?! I love how Cara varies her workouts from day to day- it really is the ultimate way to see changes and keep your body guessing and growing stronger. Big thanks, again, to Cara for sharing a week of her workouts with us!

Questions for you: Have you been to Beantown Bootcamp? What’s your favorite sport to play (that ultimately replaces a workout)?

Let me know if you try any of the workouts that Cara shared with us- I know I will be trying them!