Wednesday Workout: Tight Buns! Without squats or lunges! {video}

I find myself going through phases with the types of workouts I share with you. Sometimes I post workouts I’ve taught, sometimes I post quickie at-home workouts, sometimes I post upper/lower body specific workouts and sometimes I post videos. Well, I’m in my video phase right now and have another video for you today, but instead of focusing on upper body exercises like last week, I’m focusing on the tush/buns/glutes/butt today.

I hate lunges and will do squats (even though those are more for the quads than the glutes), but in general, unless I’m doing deadlifts, I don’t like working out my legs. Today’s workout, though, works your glutes in a different way- without even standing up! It’s all mat work, so feel free to get comfy, workout in your living room and get in a great burn without even putting sneaks on.

The workout is about 10 minutes, so it’s totally doable before you go to work, during your lunch break (if you work from home), or while you’re watching tv at night.

And, if you’re not interested in watching the video and working out with me (I totally get in to “instructor mode” when I film myself. so dorky/awkward), here’s the text format:

tight buns

And, I will say- I was SORE on Tuesday after I did this/filmed myself on Monday. I was pleasantly surprised- try it- I dare you 😉 Think I’ll be doing this in class soon!

Questions for you: What’s your favorite glute workout?