Wellcoin Review: Earning money to live healthy

Disclaimer: I am a Wellcoin Ambassador, but I was not paid to write this post. I just love the app and think you will, too!

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’m so excited to be a Wellcoin Ambassador. If you’re new to Wellcoin, let me give you a little background by saying that it’s a really awesome app that encourages healthy living. And no, this doesn’t just mean working out. Healthy living can mean something different to everyone and can vary by day and time. Remember when I wrote this post where I talked about all the different ways I can be healthy? Not all of them are healthy in the sense of “eating your greens and working out”, but they are healthy in the sense of being what your mind or body needs. Healthy is all about balance and sometimes that means working out and eating well, but other times it might mean skipping a workout in favor of having wine, snacks and girl time, which is precisely what this app rewards you for.


Wondering what they reward you with? Coins! And what do those coins get you? I’m so glad you asked! The coins get you all sorts of fun things, ranging from Whole Foods gift cards to classes at local fitness studios, to gift certificates to a local sporting good/fitness store to discounts at massage offices… the list goes on and on!


And, the best part is that there are so many ways to earn earn through the Wellcoin app! I’ve been using Wellcoin for about a month and I still feel like I’m just scratching the surface with regards to using all of the different coin categories.


Here are some examples of ways you can earn coins:

  • Working out (resistance training, fitness class, running, etc.)
  • Sleeping 7+ hours a night (verified by FitBit)
  • Counting your steps (verified by FitBit)
  • Eating a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner
  • Choosing a healthy beverage
  • Choosing an unhealthy beverage
  • Doing something fun
  • Clean the house
  • Going to a fundraiser
  • Yearly doctors appointments
  • Taking the stairs
  • Parking far away
  • Donating
  • Giving blood

See? I told you it was so easy to earn coins. I just realized that I am at over 14K, which means I should probably start cashing them in!


Another thing to note is that in order to earn max coins per category per day, you should make sure your account is public (and then share to facebook and/or twitter, which also gets you more coins!) so that other people can see it and “verify” it by “liking” or commenting on it. Plus, the more likes and comments you get, the more coins you get! Also, you can earn more points by linking various fitness tracking devices or studios that have a relationship with Wellcoin such as Fitbit, RunKeeper, Strava, Prana Power Yoga and Pure Barre (both studios are the Newton ones specifically). If you want to set up these connections, you just go to the “connect & track” tab.

Are you hooked yet? If so, you should definitely download the app and use the code burpeestobubbly which will get you 250 free coins right off the bat! Or, you can use this link and sign up on your computer (again, using the same code to get yourself free “sign up” coins). When you join, make sure to follow me so I can give you a re-follow and we can cheer each other on!

Questions for you: Do you do Wellcoin already? Do you use another app that rewards you for healthy living?