Wednesday Workout: 15 Minute Blast (lower, upper & cardio)

Remember how last week I was talking about how I couldn’t find a workout that I had put on a small piece of paper? Well, as I grabbed and opened a book the other day, guess what fell out? The workout! I started to laugh, explaining to RM what I had explained to you and, as I mentioned, he goes “those papers laying around every where drive me crazy, no wonder why you lost it!” and went on to suggest that I get a notebook to keep everything together (I know him so well!). And while he has a point- I should get more organized with my workout notes- today let’s focus on the workout.

I’ll be honest- what I’m sharing with you today is only one PART of the workout I did, but it just seems as though the shorter workouts with fewer exercises in them tend to be a bigger hit on the blog so that’s the reason for cutting it down. I also changed it to a 15 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) so that you would be encouraged to really push yourself for the 15 minutes. I don’t know about you, but when I know I only have X amount of time to do my workout, I push myself a lot harder!

There’s nothing fancy about this workout, but I love the progression from squat to press to a squat and press because it really gets the heart rate up… oh, and it creates a great muscle burn 😉 The cardio ladder at the end is a good way to finish out the circuit. Considering that this is a pretty high cardio circuit, please make sure you listen to your body and rest as necessary.

15 Minute Blast

Let me know if you try this! I’ll warn you- it starts out seemingly innocent, but after a few rounds you might need to take more and more breaks!

Questions for you: What kind of workout have you been loving lately? What is something you do that annoys your significant other or roommate?