Wednesday Workout: Italy Workout Series {Part 1- Countdown bodyweight}

Good morning! I haven’t shared a workout with you in forever, so today is your lucky day because not only do I have one workout for you, but I’m also throwing in a bonus one 😉

I know some people don’t like to workout on vacation, but personally, I like to try and keep somewhat consistent with my workouts … partly because it’s my “me” time and is something that makes me happy, but also because it’s easier to get back into the full swing of things after vacation if I’ve kept active during the vacation. But, with that said, my workouts while on vacation are no where near what they are when I’m not on vacation. I don’t search out gyms, I don’t workout for a long time, I don’t workout if I don’t feel like it and I don’t let it interfere with the trip. If it fits into a particular day, then great, I’ll squeeze in a 20 minute quickie workout. But if not, then no big deal!

During our 16 day drip, I worked out 9 days. Some days it was a 20-25 minute jog around the new neighborhood/city we were staying in, some days it was stairs, some days it was a workout on our terrace and some days I used the gym (only 2 of the hotels we stayed at had gyms). Some days I skipped workout sin lieu of just taking the stairs- our hotel in Positano was 597 steps up from the beach area!! And get this- one day I got up and got changed and then decided I didn’t feel like working out so I got back in bed to snooze for a bit longer before breakfast- ha! That doesn’t happen very often 😉

Today’s workout was one that I did on our terrace in Ischia. I didn’t want something that would require a lot of jumping (because noise), so this worked out great. 5 rounds took me a little less than 20 minutes, I think, so it was easy to squeeze in while RM got a bit more sleep.


Now for the bonus workout! The weekend leading up to our honeymoon was spent at my best friend Jessi’s “Bridal Bath” (Bachelorette party and bridal shower in one), and it didn’t allow for a workout. No big deal, but before our flight I felt like I wanted to get a little something in since I knew we would be sitting for a long time. I was exhausted, though, so I didn’t want anything that would require a lot of energy exertion. This workout was great because it was quick (maybe 15 mins) and gave me energy for the rest of the day.

10 air squats
10 pushups
10 reverse lunges (each leg)
10 V-sits

Nothing crazy, but enough to get the blood pumping!

I hope you consider trying these next time you’re in a crunch for time and find yourself without a gym 🙂

Questions for you: Do you like to workout before a flight?