Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute Full Body Workout

Good morning! It’s been a WHILE since I’ve shared a workout with you, huh? Fear not, even though I took 3 days off from workouts last week, other than that I’ve been working out consistently! I’ve actually been participating in Jill Coleman’s #20×20 Workout, which is all about short, intense workouts. While the workouts aren’t what I traditionally like to focus on these days (think: biceps curls, triceps extensions, etc.), it’s been fun to challenge myself with heavier weights and let me tell you- I’m always feeling it the next day! Her leg workout actually left me sore for 3 days… and I had to shorten it…

The #20×20 workout challenge is actually what sparked the idea behind this workout, but it’s got a lot of Jen Sinkler and Neghar Fonooni flare to it because, what can I say? I love their workouts and workout formats! I challenge you to use a weight that is heavy and challenging, but one that will not compromise your form. If you do this, I promise you’ll be sweaty and tired by the end. I actually had another short AMRAP scheduled to complete after this and was too tired to complete it 🙂

20 Minute Full Body Workout
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Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute AMRAP Quickie Total Body Workout

Hi! How’s your week going so far? I wanted to share a workout that I did last week that was inspired by lots of different people and workout formats, including:

Ever since I started following Neghar and ever since I bought the Lift Weights Faster 2, I’ve been really loving the short, balls to the walls workouts that get you in and out of the gym quickly. There used to be a time where I was spending 2 hours a day at the gym, but these days there are just so many other things I’d rather be doing with my time than spending hours of it at the gym. Call me crazy, I know 😉

This workout had me sweating and working really hard, but the beauty is that it was over in just 20 minutes- perfect!

20 Minute AMRAP Quickie Total Body Workout
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“I don’t know if I can, but I’ll try”

“I’ll try”… two words that are music to a fitness instructors’ ears! As a fitness instructor, it’s not only my job to lead a safe, challenging workout, but it’s also my job to try and get people out of their comfort zone, to teach them new things and to give them encouragement to try something new. Something that they may not think they can do.

But, there’s a fine line with being motivating and helpful and encouraging and with pushing people too far and making them feel UN-comfortable. So, I’ve always got this in the back of my mind when I go over to help correct someone’s form or ask them to try it a different way or to increase their weights. Some people take really well to this, but some get offended, which is always a tough situation. When I correct someone’s form, I NEVER intend on offending them; merely, I’m doing it to help them do things the correct way to avoid a potential injury.

In my class on Wednesday, I had a few new people. I like to ask if anyone is new at the beginning of class so that I can make sure to keep an extra eye out for them throughout the class to make sure they are using correct form and are doing ok (pushing themselves hard enough, taking it down a notch if necessary, etc.). I was having them do Goblet squats with the focus on squat depth, ie: feet a little wider than hip width, kness and toes at a 45* angle, dropping deep and keeping the chest up. One new participant was doing more of a plie squat, which is fine… if we were doing plie squats 😉 Since we were doing a Goblet squat, I went over, moved my mic away from my face and talked her through form correction for the Goblet squat, which is when she said “I don’t know if I can do that, but I’ll try”.

keep trying
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Wednesday Workout: “HIIT It” Workout

Good morning! Thank you so much for all the kind birthday wishes yesterday!  I feel like it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted a workout for you- the last one was this 25 Minute Total Body AMRAP Workout back in March! Before I get to the workout today, though, I want to remind you about Instructor Insider– have you logged in to rate your ride yet?? Don’t forget to do that because if you use the code B2B you have a 1 in 10 chance of winning a free class to an indoor cycling studio of your choice 🙂 I went to SoulCycle yesterday and can’t wait to log in and rate my ride!

And for the workout- I’ve posted a number of UXF inspired workouts on the blog since those workouts always kick everyone’s butts! Unfortunately, I can’t really take credit for the format, although I’ve slowly adapted the format to fit my style of teaching and workout (shhh don’t tell anyone 😉 ). But, that doesn’t change the fact that these workouts are TOUGH! The newest format released- HIIT It- is no different. This workout incorporates heavy lifting, lower, upper and core focused exercises in each set and a tabata cardio round to finish it off.

What I love about the workout is you are moving the whole time and if you really challenge yourself with your weight selection, you’re going to feel absolutely spent by the time each round is up. And, as I tell my class- if you’re NOT feeling like you can’t do another rep once the 60 or 90 seconds is up, it’s probably time to increase your weight selection 😉

UXF Burn HIIT It Workout
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Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute Kettlebell AMRAP Workout

Hi! I’ve got a great workout to share with you today. I did it yesterday when I went to the gym during my lunch break and it literally kicked my butt! In a good way, of course 😉 I was huffing and puffing throughout the exercises and rounds and felt entirely spent by the end- a sign of a good workout, right?

One thing I want to challenge you to do if you try this: GO HEAVY your weight selection. Of course, I don’t want you to injure yourself by choosing inappropriately heavy weights, but if you don’t feel tired when you complete the number of reps listed out for each exercise by the time you finish them, it’s probably a sign you’re stronger than you think you are and can increase your weight. I promise- you won’t get bulky (more on that in a post to come!).

I used a 16kg (about 35 lbs) weight for the swings and half of the burpee/upright rows and used a 12kg (about 26 lbs) weight for all the other exercises. By the end of each exercise, I was tired and out of breath and was happy it was time to switch because I didn’t know how many more reps I could do! Because of the challenging weight choice (for me, anyway), I was only able to get through 3 rounds, but I was happier with 3 rounds where I really felt challenged than 5 where I felt like I could’ve kept going. But, to each their own!

20 minute KB AMRAP workout

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