Wednesday Workout: 20-10 Triple Threat Workout

Hello! Before I get to the workout for today, I wanted to let you know that RM was able to get a discount code for the Tre Olive tree adoption!! So exciting! Use B2B15 to get 15% off your purchase 🙂


And now for the workout! As I mentioned last week, I’ve been all about short, but effective workouts lately. While I love working out and love days when I can be there for however long I want, these days the time is just not there… and I don’t want to make the time for it to be there. It’s just not worth it! So, this is another short, but good workout that left me pretty breathless. I did it after I did Athena’s chimney workout, so I’m sure that’s part of the reason it left me breathless, but still! It’s a great workout on its own or as a finisher.

The format is straight forward, as it’s just 20 reps of one exercise then 10 of the next exercise in the super set and you do each super set 3 times through before moving on to the next.

20-10 Triple Threat Workout

I believe I used a 12 pound medicine ball and had 4 risers on the step- feel free to go heavier and higher or lighter and lower!

Questions for you: Wall balls- love ’em or hate ’em? What’s your favorite medicine ball weight?