Wednesday Workout: 12/15 Strength Workout

Hi! I feel like I haven’t posted a workout that I’ve taught in class in so long. With that said, this workout is still not a workout I’ve taught in class, but it is one that I did at the hotel in Chicago on Monday morning before flying back to Boston (I have more Chicago recaps coming up, but I wanted to space them out a bit!). I wasn’t sure if I would make it back in time to get to the gym to teach the class I was asked to sub, so I wanted to make sure I got something in. Between this workout and teaching kickboxing, I was pleasantly sore yesterday! I especially felt it when I did some at-home yoga after work… it’s amazing how you don’t realize how tight your muscles are until you spend time actually stretching them.

Anyway! I warmed up with a 1 mile jog and then completed the following workout, inspired by workouts that my friend Athena has posted recently. I’ve seen a number of different workouts on her blog lately that are set up with 2 different rep counts in a “set”. I usually keep my reps constant (easier to remember), but I tried her method on Monday and liked it! I decided to keep the smaller number of reps to an exercise using upper and lower body muscles and did more reps of the move that focused on either upper or lower body.

12-15 Strength Workout

If you have any questions for any of the moves, please let me know. I chose fairly straight forward/basic moves since I was trying to lift heavier. When I am doing “fancier” compound exercises, I tend to lift a little lighter than I do when I focus on one muscle group at a time (the 15 rep exercises above), mainly because I want to make sure my form is good throughout the exercise and that’s easier to do with lighter weights.

I can’t wait to teach UXF Burn tonight!! I have missed my classes so much.

Questions for you: What is your “go to” number of reps when you’re lifting? 10? 12? 15?

Weekly Workouts: Totally Back At It

Hey there! How was your weekend? I was so happy the sun came out yesterday, as it made for the perfect beach day!

This past week, I had a 5 day string of really awesome workouts. After having been sick and having been in Maine, it felt awesome to be back into the full swing of workouts! I am traveling for work this week (Stowe, VT from Tuesday- Friday) so my workouts will be TBD for most days, but it will be nice to mix it up again.

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Monday: I went to The Studio Empower, which was a really nice change-up from my normal workouts! During my lunch break, Jess and I filed for our 2nd Mommy’s Moves video. Check it out here. Also, Jess’s newsletter is worth a glance, too!


  • Tuesday: I ran 30 minutes (3.34 miles) before work and then did some upper body strengthening since my legs had gotten quite the workout the day before.


  • Wednesday: A fellow instructor asked me to sub her 5:30 Sports Conditioning class, so I ended up teaching a double. 3 people, between the two classes, said they almost threw up. Loved it!


  • Thursday: 2nd double of the week! Numbers were a little low, which was a bummer since I was sill really amped up about being back!
  • Friday: I ran for 15 minutes on the treadmill before subbing my old SHRED class at the Allston BSC! Felt really great to be back 🙂
  • Saturday : Rest, besides walking around the city.
  • Sunday: I got up and did a 5 minute warm up (jogging in place, jumping jacks, high knees, squats, etc.) and then did 25 reps of lots of different moves (squats, lunges deadlifts, biceps curls, rows, skull crushers, leg lifts, etc.). After 3 or 4 moves, I would throw in 2 minutes of cardio. I was literally shocked at how sweaty I got!


This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday: I will likely go to the gym after work and do cardio and weight training, big focus on the abs!
  • Tuesday: Pending on how hot it is, I’ll try to run outside before work. I am driving up to VT in the afternoon, so I want to get my workout done right away!
  • Wednesday/Thursday/Friday: I will be in Stowe, VT at a conference, but will absolutely be getting in some workouts! I’m traveling with Tim, who loves to workout, too, so it will be easier to make sure workouts happen! Likely runs outside and weights in the gym.
  • Saturday: Teaching kickboxing!! 🙂
  • Sunday: Pending on how my workouts went for the week will determine my Sunday workout, if any. I am traveling Mon-Wed of the following week, so I would like to get in solid workouts before that.

Questions for you: When it gets really hot, are you more likely to skip workouts? What days do you like to rest on? Did you try any new workouts last week?

V-Sits and Leg Lifts and Planks, Oh My!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

I know many of you probably have dinner plans tonight or are tempted with lots of treats in the office, so here is a quick way to get some type of non-eating-chocolate-and-candy (not that there is anything wrong with that!) working out in!

V-Sits on V-Day

Notes about the moves:

  • If coming up into a full V-sit is too advanced for you at this time, try bringing opposite arm to opposite leg or only lifting 1 leg at a time.
  • Leg lifts- if you have lower back problems or are new to core exercises, try keeping your hands under your lower back to help support it, and only lower your legs maybe 10-45 degrees to help relieve any pressure. If your core is strong and you’re looking for a challenge, try holding a weight extended above your chest or bringing your legs down into a wide V instead of keeping them together.
  • In and Outs-
  • Plank holds can be done in a high position where you’re on your hands, or they can be done on your forearms. You can be on your knees or toes and you can try lifting one leg at a time if you want an extra challenge!

No big plans for me tonight! I am teaching Cardio Kickboxing until 7:30 and then my sister is making a Mexican-themed dinner.  4 more classes to teach this week and then I am heading home to Maine for some much needed R&R.

Question for you: Valentine’s Day- Love it or hate it?  Any plans tonight?