Changes on B2B

Good morning! Today I want to talk about some changes that I’m hoping to make on B2B going forward. If you’ve been following for a while, you probably know a lot about my life- whether it’s regarding workouts, restaurants, my family, RM, our wedding, etc., I tend to be pretty open on B2B. Being open and sharing personal things in an online space can have its pros and cons- it can be a great way to connect with readers (both ones I know and don’t know) and help them feel like they “know” me and want to keep reading to follow along, but it can also be a con because sharing so much personal stuff may do just that- share too much.

While I love sharing my weekends with all of you, weekend recaps and an overdose of #sweatyselfies wasn’t the whole purpose of starting this blog in the first thing. Crazy, considering how much of that stuff I share these days! I’ve thought long and hard about what this blog is to me and what I want it to be to other people and I’ve come to the conclusion that filling this blog with “fluff/filler” posts in an online diary sort of way isn’t really what I want my blog to be known for. There is absolutely nothing wrong with those types of posts and blogs (um, hello, I love reading other people’s weekend recaps and day to day musings and things like that!), but it’s just not the direction I really want to be going.

I want to share more workouts with you. I want to share more studio reviews with you. I want to share more tips for how to live a healthy lifestyle and create a sort of work/life/play/workout balance. I want to share more recipes with you. I want to do more reviews of some of my favorite products (and not just sponsored posts about various products!). I guess in short, I want to share more QUALITY posts rather than fluff QUANTITY posts that I post just to get content up.

Does that mean I won’t share personal things on here from time to time? Of course not! I was just showered with the most amazing bridal shower over the weekend and that is something I want to share with you guys because it was so special to me and I want a place to remember all of the details. But you guys don’t need to see sweaty selfie after sweaty selfie of me and a weekend play by play every single week, right? While my posting may not be as frequent, I hope it will be consistent enough to keep you guys coming back. I have a whole slew of post topics that I want to share with you, so sit tight!

I do need your help, though. I want to write about things that interest you, too. Is there something you’ve been wanting to see on B2B? Is there something you could do without seeing on B2B? What keeps you coming back for more? (I’m guessing it’s not the sweaty selfies 😉 ) If you could do me a favor and leave a comment below listing ONE thing you’d like to see more of/less of or even provide me with a topic you’d like me to write about, that would be so awesome!! This blog wouldn’t be what it is without your support and I cannot thank you enough for sticking with me over the past 3 years! Here’s to many more years ahead!


If Janelle took my photo, this doesn’t count as a #sweatyselfie 😉 lolol


Burpees to Bubbly Got A Face Lift!

Good morning and happy Monday! If this is your first time here since last week, you may have been a little surprised to see a different look on the site, right? I’m happy to say that Burpees to Bubbly has finally gotten a much needed face lift! What do you think? My goal going into the change was to make the format cleaner: less pictures, less words, cleaner format, less general clutter. With the help of patientMOON, I was able to make some big strides towards my blog revamp and face lift. They did a great job, didn’t they?

face lift

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