Burpees to Bubbly Got A Face Lift!

Good morning and happy Monday! If this is your first time here since last week, you may have been a little surprised to see a different look on the site, right? I’m happy to say that Burpees to Bubbly has finally gotten a much needed face lift! What do you think? My goal going into the change was to make the format cleaner: less pictures, less words, cleaner format, less general clutter. With the help of patientMOON, I was able to make some big strides towards my blog revamp and face lift. They did a great job, didn’t they?

face lift

What I loved about working with them is that they were able to help me on an hourly basis, meaning I can pick and choose things as I go. Since I’m not making money from this blog {yet}, it doesn’t make sense for me to put that much money into it. Granted, I want to make it look more professional and clean and encourage more “clicks”, but I’m not at a point where I can justify spending the money to do that all in one shot.

So, thankfully with the help of the patientMOON team and some extra TLC from me, Burpees to Bubbly is looking fresh! On top of the new look, I also spent some time updating the “Get Fit” page. I separated all my non-teaching workouts to their own separate page, which can be located from the drop down or through links in the actual “Get Fit” page. I hope this makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for: video, booty burners, upper body, no weights, cardio blasts, total body, etc.

But, now is where I want your help! What could I do to my site to make it easier viewing for you? Is there a widget you wish I had? Is there an easier way you’d like me to categorize my workouts or recipes? Are the colors OK?

And on the topic of a blog revamp, what about blog topics? I want to write about things that interest both you AND me, so I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of in the next year. Videos? At-home workouts? Recipes? Real talk?

Please help me grow and better this little blog by letting me know what you’d like to see more of, less of or if you have any tips to make things easier and better for your viewing/reading! Thanks so much in advance 🙂 Without you guys, this blog would be nothing- I hope you know how much I appreciate your support ❤

20 thoughts on “Burpees to Bubbly Got A Face Lift!

  1. briana1010 says:

    It looks great! And I really like the “Get Fit” navigation. Your blog is my ‘go to’ when I feel like doing a new workout at home, and this makes it even easier to find them.

  2. Kim says:

    It looks awesome – excited to explore your Get Fit link!! I think I’ve pinned most of your workouts but nice to have them all together!!!

  3. Kim says:

    I love your workouts so my vote is to keep posting workouts and they don’t need to be just “At Home”! Love your site and your new look, way to go!

  4. Kelly says:

    It looks great Moe, so impressed! Love your recipes so please keep them coming. In terms of blog posts I would love to hear your favorite apps to keep you heathy like waterlogged, run keeper etc.? I would also love to learn quick (15 minutes or less) workouts you can do from home that you don’t need equipment for. Can’t wait to see what the future has in store for your blog!

  5. Sam says:

    I love it! As for topics, I like what you usually post. Some topics I can think of are: tips for ordering out at restaurants, tips for people who work full time and try to stay healthy, tips for being a morning person, recipes that provide multiple meals, etc. I just like hearing about what you to do to be healthy…it’s an inspiration!

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      Thanks for all the suggestions, Sam! I will add those to my list of “future post topics” because they are all really good ideas! I do have a post for morning workouts, but not necessarily a “morning person”. I also have a “how to say fit while working a 9-5”, which might be of interest to you. I’m so happy I can be an inspiration!

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