Be Nice at the Gym This Month

As we all know, January tends to be a month that brings lots of new faces to the gym- maybe they’re New Years Resolution goers or maybe they’re semi-regular gym goers who have been on a holiday hiatus. Whoever they are, for us avid, consistent gym goers it can bring a certain level of, shall I say… frustration. I mean that in the nicest way possible, too! It’s not that we don’t want you there, because we do! Everyone who loves the gym and working out and working towards being healthy and fit wants others to share in those feelings. But, when our spots are taken, our machines in use and the gym has an overall crowded feel, it can frustrate us.

“Ugh. I hate the gym in January. It’s so crowded with people who won’t be here in another month.”

“That girl is totally in my spot… who does she think she is?!”

“I swear, if a January resolution goer takes my spot in spin…”

… the list goes on, right? Last year, I shared some tips for surviving the January Rush, but this year, I’ve got a different thought going into the January rush. That thought is to be kind to the new goers. To help them in the class with the weights and other equipment. To introduce yourself. To make them feel included and better yet, to not make them feel like they are unwanted.

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