Wednesday Workout: Full Body Medicine Ball Workout {warning: it’s a douzy!}

Oh hello there! Remember me? I used to post workouts for you on a weekly basis as a way to share what I do and to hopefully give you ideas or inspire you to get moving. The holidays definitely got the best of me, but rather than stressing about getting posts published, I decided to step away for a bit and focus on being more present in the activities I was doing (laying on the couch qualifies as an activity, right? 😉 ). The break was fantastic and not only did I have extra time with friends/family, I had extra time to try out new workouts on my own at the gym. Fancy that!

I’ve got a bunch of workouts stockpiled to share with you throughout the next few weeks, so I hope you’re as excited as I am (I’m also excited to throw away the scrap pieces of paper I’ve got laying around with the workouts scribbled on them!)!

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