Tre Olive: Italian Olive Tree {with a discount code!}

For Christmas, RM and I got my parents a really neat gift. My parents are people who love being in the kitchen, and my dad is known as the “olive oil” king, so when RM asked if I wanted to adopt an olive tree in Italy for them, I was totally game. One of his friends from college started a company called Tre Olive, which is a company selling “100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil from olives grown in Italy, picked in Italy, pressed in Italy, and poured in Italy.” Their extra virgin olive oil comes directly from their groves in Calabria and “from tree to table, all TRE olive products are hand crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality.”

The way Tre Olive works, is that you can adopt an olive tree from the Tre Olive grove for one year and receive a whole bundle of goodies at the time of adoption and lots of wonderful olive oil- from your tree (!!)- once the olives have ripened and are ready for picking, pressing and pouring. The standard adoption comes with the following:

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