Nerd Alert: I love book club! <3

My girlfriends and I have always talked about starting a book club, but for one reason or another, nothing ever manifested from those discussions. That is…. until about 6 months ago.  After too many glasses of wine, we picked our first book and decided to officially start our book club. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go; I imagined us reading one book then switching to just a wine club- sounds about right for most book clubs, right? However, I’m pleased to say that we have actually made it quite a serious little book club:  we all bring book suggestions with descriptions for the next book, we vote on the next book, pick the next time/date/location for the book club meeting and then we discuss the book we’ve read with actual discussion questions. Granted we always do have a lot of wine and food, but still… Total nerd status, right?!


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