My 3rd Stitch Fix: so hard to pick just 1 thing!

Well hello there! If you’ve been reading B2B for a while, you’ll probably remember me talking about Stitch Fix (this is a referral link, but don’t worry, you get one when you sign up, too!). What I love about Stitch Fix is that you get to set up a very detailed online profile listing out your sizes, style preferences, price ranges, etc., which ultimately helps your stylist pick the right fix for you. While my first fix wasn’t great, the next two were pretty awesome- here’s a recap of the first two in case you missed them!

My first Stitch Fix: Why didn’t I love it as much as everyone else seems to?
My 2nd Stitch Fix Review {Hint: I loved it!}

3rd Fix

I had asked for a sparkly dress or top or something else to wear to RM’s surprise party. Unfortunately, they did not have either of those things, but they still gave me quite a good fix!


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