{Holiday Series} Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute Buns Burner

Hi there! Happy Wednesday. December is a time where we are all faced with lots of holiday parties and outings, which generally involve cocktails and snacks, and often times replace your after-work workout, right?


This month, for my Wednesday Workout series, rather than focusing on posting longer workouts I may have taught in class or done at home, I am going to post shorter workouts that you can do before you go to work, on your lunch break, or quickly after work before you meet up for your holiday get together. It’s easy to push workouts to the side when you’re busy (I get so tired of hearing “I don’t have time to workout”. Well, yes you do. You just have to rearrange your schedule and MAKE time for your workout), but when you’re skipping your workout AND indulging more frequently than usual, it will probably catch up to you, which is why it’s so common to gain weight over the holidays. Obviously, if you do this once and a while, that’s totally fine… we all deserve days like that and you won’t gain 5lbs because you skipped a workout in favor of cocktail hour, but when you start doing it a few times a week for a few weeks in a row (holiday season), you may start to notice some not-so-great changes.

SO! With that said, here is your first Holiday Series Wednesday Workout post! This workout is designed to be a quickie 20-minute thing, but if you’ve only got 10 minutes, just do it once, because you know what? 10 minutes is better than nothing 😉

20 minute buns burner

I got good reviews from the Booty Burner workout and video I posted a few months ago, so I thought it would be fun to post another glute workout for you. This one incorporates cardio moves that specifically target the glutes, as well as body weight strength exercises, also specifically targeting the glutes. No equipment is necessary, so this can literally be done anywhere- no excuses! 🙂

I’m thinking of doing an upper-body cardio and strength circuit next week, followed by abs the week after and a combination on the last week… thoughts? Do you guys like this idea of a “Holiday Series” of quick, but effective workouts? I want to know your thoughts!

Questions for you: What do you do to stay on track during holiday season? Do you workout before work or during lunch? Do you skip out on appetizers? What do you drink for lighter beverages?