Wednesday Workout: Jump Rope & Bodyweight Workout

Hey there! I know everyone is saying this, but I am really ready for some sunshine in my life. The past handful of days have been so yucky – cold & rainy & dark. GIVE ME SPRING!!!

This workout was a result of my refusal to go to the gym when it was finally nice last Thursday. I had all intentions of going and doing an upper body workout with weights, but I knew my body needed a healthy dose of Vitamin D more than it needed the weights 😉 Luckily, I always carry a jump rope in my gym bag so I was able to incorporate it into this bodyweight workout. And yes, I’m still calling it a bodyweight workout because I’m not lifting or moving anything than my bodyweight. If you don’t have a jump rope, just make pretend- regardless, it still It doesn’t require weights of any sort so it’s still something you can easily do anywhere.

The way this workout works is you’ll start every pyramid set with 100 jump ropes (can be done without a jump rope if you don’t have one). From there, you’ll do 10 reps of a lower body exercise, 8 reps of an upper body exercises & 5 reps of a cardio exercise. Then you’ll start with that cardio exercise again (with a short break in between), go up to the 8 reps of upper body and 10 of lower body and then finish with 100 jumps. Sounds confusing, but hopefully my diagram below will help!

This workout is great because it’s simple in terms of what the exercises are – no brain work, just physical work. SLDL= single leg deadlift, which you’ll do on the right and left.

If you’re traveling this summer, consider taking this workout with you – it’s perfect when you want a quickie, no gym required workout.

Happy Wednesday!

Questions for you: Do you carry any pieces of workout equipment with you in your gym bag?

Wednesday Workout: Jump Rope Tabata & Full Body Circuits

As part of the BoxFIIT Certification I’m doing, I have to film myself doing all sorts of exercises to validate that I can, in fact, do them (and teach them). Most of the exercises- a combination of boxing moves and strength exercises- pose me little to no trouble because I do them all the time. Goblet squats? Easy. Lunges? Piece of cake. Jabs? Got it. However, over the weekend I had to film myself jumping rope, which is a little more outside of my comfort zone. I don’t feel good at jumping rope and get frustrated because I end up whipping myself with the rope so much.

After filming myself, though, I realized my issue: I don’t practice this enough so it’s no wonder why I struggle with it. We tend to skip things we aren’t good at, right? Which is exactly what I do when it comes to jump roping. But! I’m changing that. I vowed to practice jump roping more frequently to help me get more comfortable with the action of jumping over the rope. Which is precisely where this workout came from! And, I have to say that later in the day RM commented on how I looked like a good jump roper- I smiled and said “thanks! It’s something I’m working on” 😉

Jump Rope Tabata & Full Body Circuits

You’ll want to perform the reps on each leg or arm. If you have any questions on the moves, let me know. A great resource for the Pallof Press and the Waiter/Overhead Carry is my girl Stephanie’s post, which you can check out here: Train Your Core.

I hope you check this out and enjoy it. I loved it, but it could’ve been because I was outside on my patio in the beautiful, warm sunshine-y weather AND I was rocking out to Spotify, which I just recently downloaded. So far, I’m obsessed 🙂

Questions for you: What exercises do you avoid because they’re hard or you don’t feel good at them? 


Wednesday Workout: 20 Minute Full Body Workout

Good morning! It’s been a WHILE since I’ve shared a workout with you, huh? Fear not, even though I took 3 days off from workouts last week, other than that I’ve been working out consistently! I’ve actually been participating in Jill Coleman’s #20×20 Workout, which is all about short, intense workouts. While the workouts aren’t what I traditionally like to focus on these days (think: biceps curls, triceps extensions, etc.), it’s been fun to challenge myself with heavier weights and let me tell you- I’m always feeling it the next day! Her leg workout actually left me sore for 3 days… and I had to shorten it…

The #20×20 workout challenge is actually what sparked the idea behind this workout, but it’s got a lot of Jen Sinkler and Neghar Fonooni flare to it because, what can I say? I love their workouts and workout formats! I challenge you to use a weight that is heavy and challenging, but one that will not compromise your form. If you do this, I promise you’ll be sweaty and tired by the end. I actually had another short AMRAP scheduled to complete after this and was too tired to complete it 🙂

20 Minute Full Body Workout
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Wednesday Workout: Men’s Health Inspired Circuit & Cardio Blast Workout

Good morning! Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start! I’m here to share a workout that I did at home a few weeks ago. It was a rainy Monday, which meant no running outside for me- I’m not ashamed to admit that I am a fair-weather runner 🙂 I put this workout together by combining a workout I found in RM’s Men’s Health magazine with some other exercises I wanted to do on that particular day… plus a little cardio blast… #becausecardio.

The way you complete the workout is by (after a warm up, of course) completing each exercise in the strength circuit for 60 seconds, moving from one to the next with little or no rest. For exercises where it says (30R/L), it means to perform the exercise on each side for 30 seconds. In between the strength rounds/circuits, perform the cardio blast.

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Wednesday Workout: Hotel Gym Circuit

Hi B2B readers! The gym at the Stowe Mountain Lodge was unbelievable! Not even just for a hotel, either! It was spacious and fully equipped with up-to-date machines and all sorts of “Monique-type toys” to incorporate into my workouts. I wanted to share with you what I did on Friday morning as it left me tired and sweaty! You’ll notice that the equipment I used can be found at most gyms and if you have the opportunity to go to the gym at an off-peak hour, you can totally set yourself up with a similar station somewhere!

Hotel Circuit Workout

Most of these moves are moves you’ve either done in my classes or seen on the blog, but if you have questions, just let me know! I did learn a new type of burpee that I can’t WAIT to scare show my UXF Burn members 😉

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and hopefully I’ll see some of you tonight in class! I’ll keep you updated on Facebook to let you know whether or not I’ll be there!

Questions for you: Do you like to print out workouts you find on blogs and health/fitness sites and bring them to the gym with you for your own workouts? Or, are you more likely to stick to machine cardio and normal lifting if you’re on your own?