Sometimes being healthy is…

… getting up early to squeeze in a quick workout before a busy day


… deciding to skip a workout because friends are getting together for a spur of the moment thing


… meeting up with people a little late so you can get in a quick workout first OR choosing to do a workout together instead


… spending hours meal prepping for the week


… skipping meal prep to spend time with friends/family/significant other


… going out for pizza and beers on a random Tuesday night


… going for a long walk instead of the more intense workout you originally planned


… trying something new

… taking a break for no other reason besides “I don’t feel like it”. In other words, “efff it!”

Just a little reminder that being healthy isn’t just about eating well and working out. There is so much more to being healthy than those things and sometimes the “unhealthy” option is the healthiest option you can choose (and I say “unhealthy” as a lack of better words- I don’t think any of these things are unhealthy when done in moderate amounts. Anything done in excess and to extreme is not good for you). We all tend to be too hard on ourselves, always wanting to push to do more and be better, but sometimes doing absolutely nothing is exactly what we really need.

Earlier this week I was just not feeling right. Normally I would push through it and workout, but this time I listened and told myself it was a better idea for me to go for a walk instead. I’m not always good at this, but I am really trying to improve because I know that adding wedding planning to an already busy day to day life is going to mean some things are going to have to take a back seat. Whether it be a workout or a blog post, there will absolutely be times when something has got to give. And that is totally OK.

So next time you’re faced with the question of what’s the “healthy” option- take a look at the surrounding influences- how your day has been, how your workouts have been lately, thinking about what you really want to do and then go with it. A day making the “less healthy” choice isn’t going to set you back and can be a really great thing.

Questions for you: When’s the last time you made a less-healthy decision that ended up being the healthiest decision for you at that time? When’s the last time you cut back on a workout or task in favor of something less stressful on the body?

Healthy Super Bowl Tips & A Commercial Workout

I doubt I’m shocking anyone when I say I really couldn’t care less about the Super Bowl. Even if the Patriots were playing, I really wouldn’t care. What can I say? I’m just not a sports girl!

With that said, I’m sure a lot of you may be sports people, so I thought I would post some tips to make healthy choices during a not-so-healthy day of the year.

Don’t show up to the party hungry

I always hear people talk about how they will starve themselves all day if they have a big dinner or party planned for the evening. This is the worst thing to do because as soon as you show up to the party, you’re going to stuff your face, right? I’ve been there and done that and not only does it make me feel to rude to hover by the food, shoveling in as much as I can as fast as I can, I feel gross once my body registers that it was full probably 20 minutes ago. Yuck. You’re also more likely to binge on the less healthy options because, let’s face it, when we’re hungry, hunger rules over any smart eating plans, right? So, have a healthy snack or small meal before you go to the party.

Stay away from the food table

This stems right off of the tip above this. Even if I have a healthy snack before I go to a party, if I find myself standing by the food table, I’m going to munch. And much. And much. You know what I’m talking about, don’t you? You’re not hungry and you know you’re not hungry but the buffalo dip/spinach and artichoke dip/chips and salsa/cheese and crackers/etc. are screaming your name because they smell and look so good. So, you let yourself have a small bite, right? And then what happens? You end up hovering near the food table and, again, eating when you’re not hungry. So, STEP AWAY from the food table and focus on conversations, people watching and game watching.

Make and bring a healthy snack option

If you know yourself and know you’re going to want to eat at the party you’re going to, pick a few healthy apps/snacks to make and bring so that you can eat those rather than some of the other unhealthier options. All of the blogs I’ve been reading have been showing “healthified” game day snack options and they look delicious!! Think: healthy buffalo dip, healthy spinach and artichoke dip, fruit or veggie platter, etc. There are so many delicious, yet healthy, options!

Make a plate of things to snack on

I never do this, although I probably should. Instead, I tend to “hover” near the food table and continuously grab things to eat. If you take a small plate and fill it with things you want to eat, you’ll probably end up eating less than if you just keep snacking. Seeing what you have to eat will help with portion control and sticking to that portion control.

Choose a lighter drink option

Beers are super easy (and fitting) to drink during a daytime game or party, but the calories add up reallll quickly with beers. Instead, try drinking something lighter like vodka soda’s or a lighter beer like some of those 60 calorie beers. Also, try drinking a water or seltzer water in between each drink… this will definitely cut down on how much you drink!

Work out before you go… or during commercials (if your friends won’t think that’s weird!)

I always get in a good workout before I know I’ll be indulging at a party. I also think it’s fun to do something during the commercials or half time, so that’s why I’ve made this workout for you. How convenient, right?! 😉

game day workout

So! I hope that helped. Are you going to a party today or are you hosting one? What are you making/bringing? What’s your favorite “healthified” recipe?