Wednesday Workout: Jump Rope & Body Weight Circuits

Good morning! I have a workout to share with you today that’s PERFECT for weekends where you’re away or if you’re traveling for work… or if you just don’t want to go to the gym 😉 All you need is a jump rope and your body, and if you don’t have a jump rope you can just pretend and do “air jump roping”- no biggie at all.

I created this workout a few weeks ago when it was a beautiful day and I didn’t want to go into the gym during my lunch break. I didn’t want to run because I had run the day before so I came up with a workout that got me sweaty while also allowing me to get a tan 😉 Bonus? It left me surprisingly sore for a few days. Wait, now that I think of it, it’s not really a bonus because I was actually really sore which wasn’t fun. I guess that’s what happens when you do high reps of exercises that you haven’t done in a while! Regardless, I liked the format a lot… and I think you will, too!

The way the workout works is that you’ll start each round of each circuit with jump roping. You’ll do 3 rounds of each circuit and you’ll decrease the number of jumps by 25 each round. So, for Circuit 1, you’ll do 100 jumps, 20 squats, 15 lunges, 10 push-ups and then for round 2 of circuit 1 you’ll do 75 jumps, 20 squats, 15 lunges, 10 push-ups. Your last round will only be 50 jumps.

Jump Rope & Body Weight Circuits

Otherwise I think this is fairly straight forward, which is how I’m tending to keep my workouts these days. SLDL= single leg deadlift if you’re not familiar with that abbreviation.

All in all with a warm up and cool down this workout took me about 40-45 minutes, which is longer than I normally spend on my workouts but considering it was body weight and not a TON of cardio, it felt like the perfect amount of time. You could shorten it by only doing 2 rounds of each circuit, cutting back on reps or only doing 2 circuits.

Let me know if you try this!

Wednesday Workout: Jump Rope Tabata & Full Body Circuits

As part of the BoxFIIT Certification I’m doing, I have to film myself doing all sorts of exercises to validate that I can, in fact, do them (and teach them). Most of the exercises- a combination of boxing moves and strength exercises- pose me little to no trouble because I do them all the time. Goblet squats? Easy. Lunges? Piece of cake. Jabs? Got it. However, over the weekend I had to film myself jumping rope, which is a little more outside of my comfort zone. I don’t feel good at jumping rope and get frustrated because I end up whipping myself with the rope so much.

After filming myself, though, I realized my issue: I don’t practice this enough so it’s no wonder why I struggle with it. We tend to skip things we aren’t good at, right? Which is exactly what I do when it comes to jump roping. But! I’m changing that. I vowed to practice jump roping more frequently to help me get more comfortable with the action of jumping over the rope. Which is precisely where this workout came from! And, I have to say that later in the day RM commented on how I looked like a good jump roper- I smiled and said “thanks! It’s something I’m working on” 😉

Jump Rope Tabata & Full Body Circuits

You’ll want to perform the reps on each leg or arm. If you have any questions on the moves, let me know. A great resource for the Pallof Press and the Waiter/Overhead Carry is my girl Stephanie’s post, which you can check out here: Train Your Core.

I hope you check this out and enjoy it. I loved it, but it could’ve been because I was outside on my patio in the beautiful, warm sunshine-y weather AND I was rocking out to Spotify, which I just recently downloaded. So far, I’m obsessed 🙂

Questions for you: What exercises do you avoid because they’re hard or you don’t feel good at them?