SOWA Open Market & Cinco de Mayo

Hi! How are you doing today? Have you ever been to the SOWA Open Market? I had never been until Sunday, but I can tell you that it won’t be my last time, that’s for darn sure!


Someone sent me an invite on Facebook earlier in the week and ever since then, I had been looking forward to checking it out.  It was a perfect weekend to do it, too, since I stayed in and didn’t have any big plans the whole weekend. Danielle and I got up on Sunday, had breakfast, I blogged while she watched a movie, and then we cleaned the house. By this time, it was 11am and we decided that since it had warmed up, it was a great time to head to the SOWA Open Market. Note to self: next time, do NOT drive. After driving around for a little bit, I did end up finding awesome parking, but it was a bit of a hectic mess prior to that! Well worth it once we arrive in the parking lot full of Food Trucks. Oh my goodness. I was in absolute foodie heaven! So many trucks. So many things to choose from!


We decided to do a big lap and look at the menu’s at all of the different trucks, cancelling out all Mexican (we had a Mexican meal planned for dinner) and things we could cook or order regularly (burgers, grilled cheese, chicken sandwiches). We wanted a savory crepe, but they were all out of the one we wanted:( Option #2: Greek/Mediterranean food! This whole thing was only $6! What a steal.



Danielle got us truffle fries to share, too… they were to die for. It was kind of funny eating lunch sitting on the pavement in a big parking lot, but it’s what you do when you’re at the SOWA market, I guess!

After lunch, we walked around the non-food part of the open market, checking out all the different vendors and letting our food digest a bit. All while knowing that we were going BACK to another crepe truck to get a Nutella Crepe. Back when I was studying abroad, I went to Paris and couldn’t get over how amazing Nutella Crepe’s were. Sunday’s crepe was nothing like that, but it was still pretty freaking delicious! Overall, it was such a fun way to spend a beautiful, Sunday afternoon. I foresee many more Sunday afternoons spent in the South End!


010 008

Cinco de Mayo

After walking and eating our way around the SOWA market, we came home and got dinner together. I say “we,” but really it was all Danielle tonight! She found a crock pot Mexican recipe from Iowa Girl Eats that she wanted to make, and she ended up combining it with a recipe from Rachel to create quite the tasty little meal!

013 014


While she got everything together, I made us Skinny Margarita’s.  Well, I tried to make us skinny margs. I found a recipe from Cookie and Kate and had all of the ingredients except for Agave Nectar. In baking recipes, I’ve always seen that you can sub Agave for honey or maple syrup, but let me tell you this now: do NOT sub out Agave for honey in this drink recipe. You will regret it. Needless to say, I had to add lots of sugar and other stuff to try to kill the sourness from the limes; it wasn’t pretty. I only got halfway through mine before I had to switch to a Sam Summer. Oh well, better luck next time!



Dinner, on the other hand, was delicious! I ended up eating mine in a bowl and used some chips to scoop it up. I could’ve put it in a tortilla, but I am a sucker for chips, so I decided to skip out on the tortilla and use chips instead. Plus, Danielle also made guacamole and I was absolutely eating that with chips!

019 020

Mmm… homemade, fresh guac- holy yum!

crockpot 1

crockpot 2

In the end, this crock pot dish almost came out like a chili, but that was certainly not a bad thing. This was full of flavor and texture and totally hit the spot for a Mexican, Cinco de Mayo meal.

Questions for you: Have you ever been to the SOWA Open Market? Do you have a favorite food truck? Do you make your own margarita’s or buy the mix? Favorite Mexican dish?

Is the Weekend Already?

Hey there! Anyone else doing the happy Friday dance? Actually, that’s a lie, I haven’t done the dance because today feels like anything BUT a Friday.  With all the travel I have been doing lately, I can’t seem to keep my days straight, and the fact that I had to get up, straighten my hair, put on a suit and go into the office (I work from home on Fridays so my dress code is generally nothing more than pj’s or Lulu) was what really threw me for a loop.

interview(old pic from last year, but I looked exactly like this today… except I wore a skirt because I am ALL about the skirt suits lately! Also, pardon the mess in the background. I swear I am neater than that!)

I had a meeting with a prospective client today, hence the need for going into the office and dressing in non-Lulu attire.

Speaking of Lululemon, has anyone else seen that they have expanded their bathing suit line?!?! Ugh. This is not good for me! But, to be honest with you, the prices are actually more reasonable than I expected, and these ones have SPF50+ protection built into them. I would like to find a store to try one on before I buy one- has anyone seen these at the store lately?

Lulu top lulu back

source, source

(for anyone who is taking notes- I’m probably a size 2 or 4 on the top and a 4 on the bottom… any color is fine… 😉 )

And, I think I finally found the gym bag I have been looking for!

lulu bag source

I’ve been on the hunt for something that is durable, stylish, and can handle a heavy load (laptop, lunch bag, gym clothes, workout binder, etc), and I think this could be it! I need to check it out in person, though.

Back to yesterday… I get so side-tracked when I talk about Lulu!

My friend JP and I went to lunch at Papagayo yesterday and I had forgotten how good it is there! The only unfortunate thing about going there for a work day lunch is that I can’t enjoy a tasty margarita! (ok, I guess I could have one, but I would not feel right about it- Catholic guilt!) My meal made up for it, though.  I got the Veggie Enchiladas and was really impressed with the amount of veggies in them!


Not long after lunch, I had to leave for the day to take care of this:

ticketUgh, What a thing to find when I walked to my car yesterday morning. It was my fault that I forgot to get my car inspected, but I mean, I was PARKED… how can they ticket for that?! And for $50? Common, City of Somerville. The only plus side of this is that the Acura dealership waived the inspection fee for me since I bought my car there last year.

I ended up getting to the gym with about an hour and a half to spare before it was time to teach my kickboxing class.  Since I wanted to get some strength training in, I decided to take the TBC class prior to teaching my class. Felt great to have a long gym sesh in after two weeks of travel.  As good as the TBC class was, my kickboxing class was AMAZING (however, eating a Mexican lunch was NOT the brightest idea before a double session workout)… there were 20 REALLY hard workers and I can’t even tell you how happy that makes me.  When I took over this class back in the fall, it was a Cardio Conditioning class and only averaged about 6-8 people per week.  Now that the word has gotten out that it’s kickboxing, more and more people have been coming every week (and, boy does it make it easier to teach when people know how I teach and know some of the moves!). Love it!

Phew! Did you make it this far?

When I got home from class tonight (definitely going to share the workout that we did with you– great mix of cardio and strength and the time flew by!), I made pizza!  My favorite Friday night meal.  I didn’t take a picture, but it looked similar to this.

024Mmm. It’s just so good! And even though it’s pizza, you’re definitely saving calories by making it yourself vs. ordering out.

Tomorrow morning is my first weekend of teaching Cardio Kickboxing at the Oak Square YMCA- can’t wait! The class is packed and the energy is high… get ready YMCA members- we are going to work hard tomorrow:)

Questions for you: Favorite meal to make? What are your weekend plans?