Mid-Week Check In

Wednesday. Nice to see you! I love the feeling after a Wednesday is over because the rest of the week is downhill from there! I can’t say that this week has flown by, but it also hasn’t dragged on, so I guess that is a good thing!

Where did we last catch up? Oh, I posted a workout yesterday, but didn’t really post about much else (besides big news about my friend Jess’s new company!), so there is a lot to talk about!

We finally had nice weather on Monday!! My coworker and I decided to break in the nice weather with our first lunch on the water. Working in Fort Point definitely has its perks in the summer!


Post work, to take more advantage of the weather, I laced up my sneaks  and went for a nice, 4 mile jog through Brighton before teaching Dynamax. Per usual, we had a great Dynamax class- can’t believe the last class of the session is next week! Time is flying by- I’ll be 28 in 4 days. Yikes!


Yesterday was a much-needed rest day. Well, rest day except for walking at least 3 miles in the city and getting up to do my Triceps Tuesday workout for the April Arms Challenge. I loved yesterday’s workout because of the crab walks!! This got a funny conversation going between Athena and myself on Gchat.

animal workoutDo any of you have funny animal moves that are great forms of exercise?

After work, I headed over to Jess’s condo to talk about our partnership and congratulate her for her big day! Since we have the same birthday and I walk right past Crumbs, I picked her up a little treat!

001So, so yummy! Tell me, do you have a favorite flavor there? There are so many that I have a hard time choosing!

I ended up getting home later than I had planned, so I thought about what I could throw together for dinner while I was on the T. I didn’t come up with much, but it was healthy, tasted good and filled me up. I’ll take it! Looks, on the other hand, are really not that great. I promise it tasted good, though!

002 003

Quinoa harvest blend, chicken, asparagus, goat cheese and marinara sauce. Quick, easy and healthy… and I used up some leftovers:)

And that brings us to today! I kept thinking that I could wear skirts and dresses with no tights this week, but between rainy mornings and cooler temps in the morning, I haven’t bitten the bullet yet.

004Hopefully next week!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!

Questions for you: How has your week been? Is it going by fast or slow? What is your favorite quick, easy and healthy meal to throw together when you get home late?

Sunday Dinner- Pinot Grigio Chicken with a Honey Citrus Glaze

Hey everyone! How was your Sunday? The weather- again- didn’t end up being what I thought it was going to be, but that’s ok. I mean, it has to get warmer soon, right?

Even when I try to make Sunday’s relaxed, a wide open schedule stresses me out and without even meaning to, I end up filling it with random things. Is anyone else like this? For instance, yesterday I got up, had breakfast, blogged, went grocery shopping, made a delicious lunch, went to the mall, prepped some blog posts, showered, made dinner, did my April Arms Challenge for the day… no wonder why I am tired! The thing is, I never once felt stressed or rushed or anxious. Yesterday was a great day and a great mix of being on my own schedule of things I WANTED to do and some things that I had to do.

After facing the masses and masses of people at Market Basket, Danielle and I got to making a nice lunch. This is kind of weird for a Sunday, but since we didn’t have any leftovers and had lots of groceries, it was a great idea.  I cooked up a bunch of chicken and made a salad for lunch, as well as a few for lunches for the beginning of the week.

sunday lunch

Danielle made her new favorite thing to make: homemade Mac N Cheese! She added broccoli and buffalo chicken (leftover from Friday night pizza night) and it was delicious! My mom had gotten me the cutest little pot thing and it was perfect for the Mac N Cheese.


I went to the Cambridgeside Galleria for a few things (got my birthday dress at the first store I went to- on sale- amazing!!), but wasn’t really in the mood to poke around so I didn’t stay long. When I got home, I prepped dinner and then got busy with the Sunday circuit for the April Arms Challenge.  Since I was tired and sore from a tought week of workouts, I just did a 5 minute warm up and cool down and 2 rounds of the 3-2-1 circuit. I also switched up the 3 mins of cardio to a kickboxing cardio move that felt better for my shoulder and did the same with the reverse curls (something wasn’t working with them, which I was so bummed about because I love that move!).

Ok, ok, let’s get to dinner, shall we?

I usually make up my own recipes for the blog, but when I saw a recipe for Pinot Grigio Chicken over at Eat, Live, Run, I knew I wanted to make it soon. Another deciding factor was the fact that we just happened to have an open bottle of Pinot Grigio in the fridge:) I followed the recipe to a T (except for the fact that I had to use drumsticks since Market Basket was out of chicken breasts), so go on over to Eat, Live, Run and check it out!



On the side, I roasted some asparagus (all I did was spray them with Pam spray and give a few shakes of garlic crumbles, sea salt, pepper, and lemon juice) and cooked up some harvest grains blend quinoa.  Since we had extra white sauce from the Mac N Cheese, we put a little of it on the asparagus, which was a great idea!

033 034 037

I absolutely loved this meal! It was very different from what I usually make and I only wish that I could’ve grilled the chicken instead of baking it! I was a little nervous that it would be TOO citrus-y (is that a word?), but it was not at all! I took the skin off of the drumsticks and poked some holes in them so that the marinade would be absorbed, which was perfect because we didn’t lose all the flavor when peeling off the skin before eating. I have just enough left over for dinner tomorrow night- score for me!

Questions for you: What’s your go-to blog for finding recipes? drumsticks/Thighs/Darker meat- fan or not? I used to hate it, but then I realized how much more flavorful dark meat is than white meat so now I eat it when I can!