Hey Friends! Happy Sunday! I tweeted this morning how happy I was that it was a bright, sunny morning and I am still smiling about that! The temp may not be that warm yet, but the forecast is looking good. I love a Sunday morning where I wake up feeling good (definitely tight from my workouts this week so I am happy today is a rest day! Haha, jk! I just checked my email and saw the that Athena sent us our weekly workouts for the April Arms Challenge so I have some 3-2-1 circuits to do!) and have a fairly open agenda for the day.  All I “have” to do is grocery shop and look for a dress to wear to my birthday party next weekend. Yes!

Thank you all so much for your comments on my post on Friday! It’s definitely a fine line you can cross when working out while you’re sick, so I am happy to see I am not the only one that struggles with it!

Friday night…

I taught my last class at the Allston BSC on Friday night… totally bittersweet:( I sure went out with a bang, though! 21 or 22 people came and it was so nice to see that most of them were my “regulars”.  They all had the kindest words for me after class and I am going to miss them so much!! Hopefully some will come to my Wednesday or Thursday classes at the Central Square BSC!

When I got home, I poured myself a glass of vino (I tweeted Jen to let her know that I was participating in Winesday Wednesday early!) and hung out with Danielle while she made pizza!

010Danielle decided she wanted to make buffalo chicken pizza AND a margarita pizza so I was pumped! I’m all for easy, simple pizzas, but it’s nice to have fancy ones every once in a while!


Drool-worthy, I know. It tasted even better than it looked! Post dinner, we watched Wednesday’s Nashville episode (anyone else watch this show?! How GOOD were the 2 girls at singing Ho Hey?! I might have cried a little…) and I was in bed by 10:30. I know, I act like I’m 80 years old with my early bed time!


Yesterday was a busy, busy Saturday! Between teaching kickboxing and having two birthday parties on the agenda, I was pretty much non-stop all day! Kickboxing was an absolute blast!! Again, I had a huge group of members who like to work HARD. Every instructors dream, right?! I was also happy because Athena came! I had a to sneak a pic after we were done. Please pardon our sweaty, post workout appearance! I was so sweaty yesterday that my hands slipped on the ground when we were doing our last blast of the class (10 burpees to finish off our workout)!

012After class, I rushed home and showered because mom and Colleen and baby Emma were coming down for Rozzie’s 1st birthday party (my mom is obviously a social butterfly and her friends kids have had their own babies- Emma and Rozzie. Love those two to pieces!). I don’t have any pictures of Rozzie’s party, but it was perfectly pink and looked like it was right out of the Etsy homepage:) We did get to hang out with Emma… can you get enough of those cheeks?!

016(We were twinnies with our matching green pants!)

We had to leave Rozzie’s party early because it was Rachel’s birthday! In years past, Rachel and I celebrated our birthday’s together, which was always a blast, but now we celebrate separately which gives each of us our day to shine (We are both ridiculously obnoxious with our birthdays… forcing people to celebrate with us for the whole month!).

021Rachel is the hostess with the mostess and this party was no different! But, let’s be honest, as long as she has made her famous Sangria, the food is just an added bonus!

018Look at the treats!! mmmmm These things are pretty strong, so it was a good thing that we had loads of food!

019And most of you saw these on Instagram… SO good.

013It was so nice to catch up with so many friends and family yesterday! Feeling very  blessed today and know that feeling will stay with me for the rest of the week as it is BIRTHDAY WEEK!!!

Questions for you: How was your weekend so far? Anything fun to share? Do you have a lot of birthdays to celebrate this month, too?

6 thoughts on “Saturday’ing

  1. Brendan says:

    watched the girls sing Ho Hey on Youtube yesterday by chance. very impressive. great blog here! keep it up!

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