Wednesday Workout: 16 Minute Bodyweight Progression Workout

Hey there! I hope you all had a great weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my stories (if not, please follow along – it’s fun!) where I shared a quickie workout that I did while I was on the Cape. As I mentioned in this post, I try to not to share my entire life through my stories because I feel as though it takes away from living in the moment and truly embracing the experience. That said, I do love sharing my workouts with you because it jives with what I’m trying to represent with B2B AND I like to show you how easy it is to squeeze in fitness or movement while traveling (or maybe even just with a busy schedule).

I wasn’t sure if I would workout on Friday, although I did dress in my workout clothes for the trip to the Cape early that morning just in case I decided to workout. After a half day of work and dropping RM off at the golf course, I found myself at the house alone and with extra time on my hands (a rarity!). After reading in the sun for a bit, I decided that I felt like working out. Sometimes all I need to feel motivated is a new environment to workout in. The back deck at the Cape House was perfect for the workout since it was spacious, in the shade and had a “step” that I could use (that being the built in benches).


I brought my Bose speaker out and my resistance band (never travel without that or a jump rope!) and set up shop on the deck. 16 minutes later I was a sweaty, but smiling mess – it’s amazing what a little sweat can do for your mood (not that I was in a bad mood, but it made my good mood even better!).

The way it works is you’ll start with 8 reps of each exercise (except for the jumping jacks – start with 16 for those) for the first round. For the second round, you’ll add 2 reps, and then you’ll continue adding 2 reps to each round until your 16  minute time cap is up. I got through 5 rounds (I think?), so I ended at 16 reps for the exercises. Normally we work DOWN in reps, but this was a fun change because we are working UP in reps.

16 Minute Bodyweight Progression Workout

Here are some videos if you missed them on Insta:

As a finisher, I did a 4 minute AMRAP of 10 reps each: Russian twists, High plank w/knee to chest, High plank to down dog.

As always, let me know if you give this a try!

Questions for you: Do you travel with any workout equipment? What’s something that motivates you to workout?

Wednesday Workout: 16 Minute Bodyweight & Resistance Band AMRAP Workout

Good morning! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve a. blogged or b. shared a workout with you. But today, I’m here to do both- I’m such an over-achiever!

Before I get to that, though, as one of Boston Children’s #CorporateCupCoaches, I wanted to quickly share a little bit about an event in the city on Thursday. Boston Children’s Hospital is inviting 74 Boston corporations to participate in a field day. The nature of the day is all about helping kids! Each team is fundraising to support the amazing work of Boston Children’s Hospital. With over $550,000 raised to date, you can support the cause by clicking this link. #BCHWintheCup

As the summer days/weeks/months tend to be busier than other times in the year, I find myself doing many more quickie workouts, many of which do not require going to the gym. I don’t know if it’s because I work in an office all day, but unless I’m teaching at gym, I just can’t bring myself to actually GO to the gym for a workout when it’s a beautiful day outside. I’d much rather be doing something outside: biking, running, walking, or simply taking my workout outside.

Case in point: on Monday, I didn’t have time to get to the gym during lunch, but I knew I would have time to squeeze in a quickie workout before teaching my 6pm Seaport Sweat class so I packed my resistance band, found space and got to work.

I did a 4 minute warm up, 16 minute circuit and then when I realized I had some more time, I threw in a 4 minute upper body AMRAP. Done and Done in less than 25 minutes, also while working on my tan and getting fresh air 😉

Here are links to some of the exercises:

And your bonus upper body 4 minute AMRAP is here:

  • Biceps curls x10
  • Shoulder press x10
  • Bent over row x10
  • Triceps OH extension x10

Repeat the above exercises as many times in 4 minutes!

The beauty of workouts like this is that they don’t take long to complete, so it isn’t a big commitment, which can be a make or break in terms of whether or not you get a workout in. I also love that it’s so portable- who doesn’t have room in their gym bag for a simple resistance band?!

I hope you try this! If you do, let me know by tagging me on Social Media!

Questions for you: How have your workouts changed (if at all) since the summer months have been here?

Wednesday Workout: Lower Body Resistance Band Workout

Hi there and happy Wednesday! Last week I made a promise to you after posting my Upper Body Resistance Band Workout… that promise was to post a lower body resistance band workout, which is what I have for you today! As I’ve said probably a million times a lot, I love resistance bands because you can bring them anywhere since they take up very little space and don’t weigh anything. I will warn you, this one really burned my outer thighs/glutes/abductors, as you can clearly see in the video 😉

I’m not sure if you guys like the videos I post or not, but some day I’d love to film a REAL workout video, so I’m considering this my practice 🙂

And, if you’re at work and can’t listen to/watch YouTube videos or if you want to take something to the gym with you, here’s a printable version.

Lower body resistance band workout

What I love about these short, “add on” workouts is that they are perfect to, err, add on to whatever you’re doing for a workout that specific day. I hope you try this! If you do, don’t forget to tag me 😉

Questions for you: What’s your favorite lower body exercises you do with a resistance band? Favorite way to work your lower body?

Wednesday Workout: Upper Body Resistance Band Workout

Good morning! I’m back with a short, but effective upper body workout for you that requires just one piece of equipment: the resistance band! This is a piece of equipment that you don’t see me using much on the blog (I think this workout is the only other one on the blog that uses the band), but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think it’s a great, it just gets pushed to the back for some reason. However, while I was working from home on Monday, I was looking around at my fitness corner, thinking about what I wanted to do for a workout and the bands were calling to me!


So, I decided to create a few workouts that use the band that I’ll share with you over the next few weeks. One of the things I love most about resistance bands is that they don’t take up much space so it’s super easy to take them on the road with you- in your car, carry on, suitcase, laptop bag… you get the idea. While I’m not planning on letting workouts get in the way of my time in Italy, I do plan on bringing one so that if I feel like getting in some movement (other than walking) and time permits it, I’ll have something to use. When I traveled for work I would always bring a band with me to use for my hotel room workouts.

For this workout, we are doing just 4 moves, but if your band is tight enough, you’ll feel it by the end of the 3-5 rounds! I’ve got a video in case you want to workout with me, otherwise you can just take the image below and do the workout on your own time 🙂
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Wednesday Workout: Total Body Step 360 & Resistance Band Workout

Phew. That’s a mouthful, right? I promise, though, the workout is not as complicated as the name may elude to. It’s actually quite simple in terms of format, but if you’re using a tight/strong resistance band, I promise you will feel it. This workout is also adaptable to at-home or at a hotel room if you replace the Box 360 jump squats with just regular jump squats and do the other exercises requiring the Step 360 without it- simple as that, right?

For this workout, you’ll do 3 rounds of each super set without rest in between rounds. In between the super sets, perform 10 Box 360 (or regular step or no step) jump squats.

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