Wednesday Workout: Total Body Step 360 & Resistance Band Workout

Phew. That’s a mouthful, right? I promise, though, the workout is not as complicated as the name may elude to. It’s actually quite simple in terms of format, but if you’re using a tight/strong resistance band, I promise you will feel it. This workout is also adaptable to at-home or at a hotel room if you replace the Box 360 jump squats with just regular jump squats and do the other exercises requiring the Step 360 without it- simple as that, right?

For this workout, you’ll do 3 rounds of each super set without rest in between rounds. In between the super sets, perform 10 Box 360 (or regular step or no step) jump squats.

Total body step 360  & resistance band workout

I love resistance band exercises because not only are they effective, but they can be done pretty much anywhere! I always pack one in my suitcase when I travel because you can use them to work your entire body: upper body, lower body, core, etc. So versatile!

Let me know if you try this- I love seeing your check-ins on Instagram and/or Facebook!

Questions for you: What’s your favorite travel piece of equipment?


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