Stitch Fix #8 Review

Good morning! I have to laugh because I feel like I just said how I wasn’t going to be blogging as much and here I am with another blog post! Timing is a funny thing, right?

Today I’m sharing my 8th Stitch Fix review with you. If you’re not familiar with Stitch Fix, in short it’s an online personal stylist/shopping service. You fill out your profile (size, body type, likes, dislikes, price range, etc.) and then when you schedule a “fix” your stylist uses that information to pull together a box for you. The box includes 5 items and can include shoes, bags and jewelry, in addition to the clothes. Again, this is all based on your preferences so if you don’t want to receive shoes, bags or jewelry, you can specify that and receive all clothes instead.


I hadn’t done a fix for a LONG time, and when I saw that they were waiving the styling fee ($20, but if you buy something, the $20 goes towards your purchase) and that I had a credit, I had to go for it. When you sign up for Stitch Fix, you get your own referral code (linked throughout this post) that you can share with friends/family/coworkers/etc. and if someone uses your code to sign up and they schedule a fix, you get a $25 credit!

Overall, I was happy with my fix. Personally, if there are even a few things that I like in a fix I consider it successful. When I like everything it can be hard since it makes me want to keep the whole fix, although if you do that you get 25% off which is a great deal. I would’ve kept more had the jacket fit and had I not already had a black clutch. Check out my fix details below!

Urban Expressions – Arabella Clutch $34

This clutch is cute, especially with the pattern, but since I already have a black clutch that I love I sent it back. I also received a yellow clutch from an earlier Fix that was the same clutch as this one, just yellow instead of black.


Collective Concepts – Giada Cold Shoulder Poplin Top $58

This shirt is amazing. I LOVE the style, the material, the fit and the pattern. I was so happy when it fit me because I really wanted to keep it. I can’t wait to wear it with white jeans and cute wedges in the summer!


RD Style – Emmett Sweater Dress $84

I liked this dress a lot – I’ve been a big fan of sweater dresses this year so I almost kept it, but ultimately I ended up sending it back because it felt overpriced for the quality of the dress. I do love the burgundy color this year, though!


Market & Spruce – Elissa French Terry Moto Jacket $78

This jacket was awesome, but just too small. I laughed that it must be because of all the weights I lift, but I actually think it was just a tiny jacket. I was bummed because I wanted to keep it!


Vigoss – Ingrid Distressed Skinny Jean $68

I’ve got to say, pretty much every pair of jeans I’ve received from Stitch Fix have fit like a glove, and these were no exception. They’re stretchy so they keep their shape, and I love that they are a little distressed. That said, these jeans were too amazing to send back! I also thought they were reasonably priced which was a plus.

There you have it! I’ve already worn the jeans at least twice, so I’m happy I kept them! If you’re interested to see my other “fixes”, here you go:

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If you’ve never tried Stitch Fix before, click on this link, create your style profile and schedule your first fix – you won’t regret it!

Happy Shopping! And don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter but want to be kept up to date with the latest and greatest, click here. I only plan on sending 1-2 emails a week so it won’t flood your inbox 😉

Stitch Fix #7 Review

Hey friends! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve received a Stitch Fix, huh?! Since I recently got an email saying they were waiving the styling fee and that I had a credit, I figured, “why not?!”. Generally I like to get fixes when I’ve got something coming up: trip, holiday, party, event, etc., but this time I told my stylist to surprise me- and she did great!


I guess you could say that I didn’t really NEED anything, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that I would like to have to add to my wardrobe 😉 When I opened the fix, I was very happy with the colors and styles of what I saw.



Here’s a recap of everything I got and whether or not I kept it:

Warbie Blazer- $68- KEEPER

I knew I would love this as soon as I saw it- the fabric, design, feel, fit- I’ve since developed a quick obsession with it! I wore it to dinner shortly after I received it and loved the way it looked paired with my black faux leather pants and tank, yet I could also see wearing it with a dress or even regular denim jeans. The color is neutral enough to go with so many things- love, love, love this!

img_8256 img_8289

Jace Embroidered Lace Dress- $68 KEEPER

At first glance of this dress, I planned on sending it back since I have similar style dresses currently in my closet. However, once I tried it on I knew I needed to keep it. The fit couldn’t have been more perfect and it paired so well with the blazer I received that I absolutely LOVED. While it’s not a dress I would wear with tights, I think it’ll be great in the spring, summer and fall- with or without a sweater/blazer.


img_8375 img_8376

Palermo Stitch Detail Clutch- $38- KEEPER

Although I certainly didn’t NEED a new clutch, I feel in love with this one. Partly because of the vibrant yellow color (craving the spring and sunshine, I think?) and partly because of the design, this was a bag I just couldn’t send back. I love that it has the option to be strapless and carried under the arm OR to wear it cross-body, which my other clutches do not allow for (<– See? I guess I did need it!).  I see myself getting a lot of use out of this!

img_8291 img_8290

Ellie Printed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse- $48- RETURN

I’m a huge fan of this style shirt- I like the loose, flowy, thin material, but the print just didn’t really do it for me. I could see myself maybe wearing it a few times, but I certainly don’t see this style of shirt still “in style” next year so it seems like a waste of money which is another reason why I sent it back.


Jenna Skinny Colored Jean- $88- RETURN

I loved everything about these jeans- the color, the style, the material- but unfortunately, they were wayyy too big around the waste, which is annoying because they fit so well everywhere else! Had they been a bit smaller I would’ve kept them, but I knew they would annoy me since they seemed like the could stretch out very easily. I’m trying to be smart about what I keep in my closet because I’ve realized I have so much clothes that I’ve worn just a few times which is just taking up valuable closet space at this time!


All in all, I’m really pleased with this Stitch Fix deliver! If you’re interested in trying it out you can click on this link and create your profile and scheduled your first fix. Full disclosure: this is an affiliate link so I do get a credit should you schedule a fix, BUT when you do that you also get a referral link and can get credits when you refer people. Win-win 😉

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Questions for you: What are you loving this winter for clothing styles? What are you looking forward to in the spring? Do you prefer online or in person shopping?

Stitch Fix #6 {Review}

Good morning! I hope you’re having a great week. Mine has been a bit stressful and overwhelming, but thankfully the long weekend is almost here! While I was away for my bachelorette weekend (which, I still need to recap for you!), I received a Stitch Fix delivery- such a fun surprise to come home to. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Stitch Fix, it’s an online personal stylist service where you plug in all of your information when it comes to clothes and style (size, likes, dislikes, etc.) and then they put together a “fix” for you. Each “fix” is $20, but if you keep anything from the fix then the $20 gets subtracted from whatever the price of the item is. While the prices can sometimes be higher than I’d normally spend, sometimes the convenience of having things sent right to your house far outweighs the time it takes to go shopping and look for deals. Plus, it’s fun getting a package containing things you might not otherwise find or look for!


Even better? When you share your referral code (everyone gets one when they sign up), you get a $25 credit to your account for everyone who signs up using your link. Since I started Stitch Fix, I’ve had a good handful of credits come my way, but recently I realized I had racked up quite a few so I figured it was due time to order myself a box 🙂 I usually wait for special occasions where I suggest specific pieces or ask for a certain style, but this time I just let them do their thing and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how great the fix was! I actually liked everything, but sent a few back because they didn’t fit/look right on me.


Here’s a review of what my fix included! Pardon my hair- this was post bachelorette party weekend 😉

Pixley Eisenhower Strappy Top- $48- KEEPER

This shirt was so comfy and I could see it being a summer staple- either with shorts (loved it with the shorts they sent in this fix!) or with jeans or even leggings. I liked that the back had a little extra funk to it with the strap at the top and I love how bright the colors are! $48 is a little more than I’d normally spend for a thin, summery shirt like this, but again- convenience factor 🙂

IMG_5046 IMG_5047

Skies are Blue Kalyle Peplum Knit Top- $48- Sent back

While I love peplum tops, this one just felt cheap and flimsy. Plus, it didn’t fit well and did nothing for my figure, so back it went!


Dear John Finnegan Cuffed Short- $58- KEEPER

I really went back and forth on these shorts. Part of me liked them when looking back at photos and when trying them on again, but the other part of me looks back and isn’t sure if I should’ve kept them- do they look too loose/baggy? Do they look too long and boring/like I’m going golfing? Too late to look back on them now- they’re in my drawer! I think I will get use out of them, though, because they are SO comfortable.


Fate Kathina Sheer Cut Out Knit Top- $48- Sent back

This was a shirt that I really liked when I pulled it out of the box, but when I put it on the fit was all wrong. It felt boxy and shapeless- more like some of the workout tanks I’ve been wearing these days!


Brixon Ivy James Laser Cut Dress- $78- KEEPER

Ah! This dress! I’ve been looking for more work dresses so I was so excited when I pulled this out of the box. The color, the pattern, the fit… everything was perfect and- despite the price- I had to keep it. I wore it to work and it was so comfortable! BIG fan of this dress 🙂

IMG_5044 IMG_5045

There you have it! If you like any of these pieces you can simply “pin” the picture and then send the link of the pin/board to your stitch fix stylist. Don’t forget, if you haven’t signed up for Stitch Fix before, just click on this link to get started!

If you’re looking to see some other fixes I’ve received, check out these posts:

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Questions for you: Do you do Stitch Fix? Do you do any sort of online delivery thing (maybe Birch Box or something else)? Do you have any events coming up that you’re looking for a new outfit for? Do you like to online shop or shop in person?

My 5th Stitch Fix Review

Good morning! It had been months since my last Stitch Fix (<– referral link! You get one when you sign up, too!) and since I had some referral credits and since they gave a code that waived the styling fee, I figured I might as well sign up for another fix. I usually do a “fix” in the spring/summer and then in the winter; it’s always fun to do it as the seasons change since they usually have some cute options.


This fix was another great one- had everything fit me great, I might have kept it all (the 25% discount for keeping all of the pieces is also very enticing!).


Here’s a recap of what I got in case you do fixes and want to pin any of these to your boards on Pinterest.

  • Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress by Pixley- $68– As soon as I saw this dress I just knew I needed to get it (as long as it fit, of course). I loved everything about it- the stripes, the 3/4 length sleeves, the flowy skirt. I knew I could wear it to a party or gathering AND to work, and doubly whammy outfits are always a good thing 😉 Luckily, it fit great and I’ve already worn it 2 times!

IMG_3398 IMG_3399

I paired it with a red belt and loved how it brought a festive flare to the dress!


  • Paula Cable Knit Cowl Neck Sweater by Mak- $68– This was another piece that I loved as soon as I opened the box. I’m not usually a big sweater person, but I think it’s because I haven’t had the right ones. I love the detail on this one and how it’s fitting, but because of the cowl neck it still has that warm, comfy feel. I’ve worn this a few times as well and love how soft it is!

IMG_3409 IMG_3410

  • Denna Skinny Jean by Kut from the Kloth- $78– I really wanted to keep these, but unfortunately they were a bit too big around the waist and knees so I decided to send them back which is a shame because they were so incredibly soft and comfortable. I have another pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans that are my absolute favorite so I knew I would’ve loved these, but I wasn’t sure if they would shrink enough so I decided I shouldn’t keep them.

IMG_3403 IMG_3402

  • Myler Keyhole Back Blouse by Le Lis- $48– I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of the pattern of this shirt when I pulled it out of the box. When I saw it accessorized on one of the fashion sheets they provide, it grew on me, but I just knew that I wouldn’t wear it as much as other similar shirts that I own so I sent it back. I did like that the material had a little stretch to it, which isn’t common for silky type shirts.


  • Tannika Ruffle Detail Zip-Up Cardigan by Monoreno- $58– This was another piece that I wasn’t crazy about when I opened the box. It just reminded me of something I owned when I was in college and not something I tend to wear these days. It also didn’t fit well as it was one of those “short and wide” situations- and not in the “crop top” sort of way that I really like. Needless to say, it was a no-go.


And that does it! I’m so happy I told them not to send any jewelry or accessories because I’d much rather have another piece of clothing!  Overall, I think it was a pretty good fix and even though I always want to love everything, it’s nice when things don’t work out because with my “planning a wedding” budget, I shouldn’t really be dropping lots of extra money on clothes 😉


If you’re interested in checking it out, here are some details:

  1. Use this link to head on over to the site
  2. Create your online styling profile by answering their questions and filling in your sizes, likes, dislikes, etc.
  3. Schedule your “fix” to arrive whenever you want it
  4. Once your fix comes in, open it up and try everything on. You just have to return the pieces you don’t want within 2 or 3 days, but they make that so easy for you since they give you a pre-paid bag to use and all you have to do is drop it off in a mailbox or at the post office.
  5. Share your referral code with friends and family because every time someone signs up and orders a fix, you get a $25 credit!

If you’re interested in checking out how fixes can differ from one to the next, check out these posts:

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Questions for you: Have you ever done Stitch Fix? Do you like to online shop or shop in person at stores? Do you do any other monthly subscriptions?

My Latest Stitch Fix “Fix” {#4}

If you’ve been reading B2B for a while, you’ve probably seen me talk about Stitch Fix (Referral link- you get one if you sign up!) before. I’ve had “meh” fixes, good fixes and great fixes- you can read about those here:

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My 4th fix was another pretty good fix! Some pieces I loved, some were just ok, but regardless, the whole process of scheduling a fix, waiting for it to arrive and then checking it out is so fun!


I try to just schedule fixes when I know I have an event coming up, otherwise it gets to be a pretty expensive habit 😉 Since I’m going to Italy AND since I received a gift card from my gym friend, Jen, for my birthday, I figured it was the perfect time to schedule one. Here are the goods!


Market & Spruce Barrymore Solid Pleat Detail Top- $48

IMG_1141 IMG_1142

While I liked this top, it just didn’t fit that great so I sent it back. I know they are supposed to fit loose and flowy, but this one just seemed to be baggy and just didn’t do anything for my figure.

Market & Spruce Lawford Knit Top- $58

IMG_1139 IMG_1140

I LOVE this top! I think the pleather border on the collar is cool, I love the material and I like the little detail on the arms. While it’s more than I’d normally spend on a top like this, I just liked it too much to send back!
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