Wednesday Workout: Lululemon Window Performance

Hey guys! Happy Wednesday. I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve done a Wednesday Workout post for you, right?! Today’s is fun because it’s a¬†shortened version of the workout I did in the window at Lululemon over the weekend. Although it was a little awkward doing my workout thang in the window of Lulu on a busy Saturday, the awkwardness went away fairly quickly and I got in my groove- in my happy place.


When coming up with the workout, I knew I didn’t want to include cardio because I A. didn’t want to sweat too much and B. didn’t know how much space I’d have. I ended up sweating a lot because of the lights and exercises, but oh well. that’s just what happens when you work out!

lulu window workout

The workout for you today is 20 minutes of the workout I did while I was at Lulu. I was there for an hour and did about 50 minutes of a weight and resistance band focused workout (including warm up), then spent some time playing around with yoga poses. These are what got people to stop and watch me- it was funny!

IMG_1485 IMG_1486

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