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Hi!! Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of attending a complimentary barre class at C2 Pilates. Most of the other bloggers who were at the event were avid barre “goers,” so I felt a little out of place since I have only been to a couple of different classes, but as soon as CC started her introduction I felt totally at ease.  There is just something about Pilates/barre/yoga instructors that is so calming to me.  As a Type A “go-go-go” type of person, it is so refreshing to be around people who are calm and peaceful and seemingly not in a crazy rush like I always feel like I am.

C2 Pilates has locations in South Boston, Dedham and Connecticut and they offer many different types of classes including STOTT Pilates, BARRE, Zenga and Core conditioning.  What I really loved about CC’s introduction was that she said they design their classes so that they can be modified to accommodate ANY level of fitness, and, with this in mind, unlike most Barre classes, at C2 90% of the class is performed in the standing position.  CC said they designed the workout this way because these days, the vast majority of us spend a good part of the day sitting in the car or at a desk in the office, so they want people to spend time with them where they are NOT sitting.  I love this!

The South Boston location was very nice, but apparently it’s going to get even nicer as they recently signed to have downstairs space in addition to their 2nd floor space. I definitely plan on going back to see how everything turns out!



I’d really love to try using one of those cool Pilates Reformer machines (I think that’s what they are called?)… I always see them and feel like they’d be such a good workout! We spent our time at the barre where we went through the traditional format of the Barre workout that CC and Caroline have designed. I stuck to 2lb. weights as I was not sure what to expect (and my shoulder is still bothering me).  I still “felt the burn” with the 2lb. weights, but I think I could go up to 3lbs.

009It was so funny lifting such small weights, but I can see how they help to create long, lean muscle vs. the type of muscle I have gained from lifting heavier weights. And, I’ll be honest- I totally sweat more than I thought I would! Between the breathing and the continuous movement, my heart rate was up and I could literally feel every muscle in my body!  One thing that I really liked about C2’s style of Barre class, is that they don’t believe in making you hold poses for 2, 3 or 4 minutes.  CC explained that when you’re holding a squat or lunge or other type of isometric contraction in that “burn” position for longer than “pleasantly uncomfortable,” you start to engage different muscles or  ligaments to keep you there, which is taking away from working the muscles you’re aiming to work (quads, for example).  I totally agree with this! Think about the last time you had to hold a squat for a decently long time… you start fidgeting and trying to take the pressure away from your quads, which leads to it going into your back or core or hip flexors… all places where you aren’t trying to work. Interesting concept when you really think about it.


Anyway, I felt so great after that class! It is definitely a type of workout that I would like to add to my weekly schedule, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive:(


I wanted to take a minute to help promote a wonderful event that C2 is hosting on April 6th.

010PinkBarreI’ll let the cards and the website do the talking, but I will say that we actually did the PINKBARRE workout and I loved it. There are many areas where modifications can be made depending on what fitness level you are at, so there is no need to be intimidated or feel like you can’t keep up. I had no idea what I was doing but I just watched and listened and tried as best as I could to move my body in the way they were showing us to move them:) Unfortunately, April is a ridiculously busy month for me (birthday month!!) so I have plans all day and night on the 6th, but I would definitely be there if I could!

If you have any more questions, definitely shoot me an email @ burpeestobubbly@gmail.com and I’ll try my best to answer them, otherwise I’ll pass them onto CC and Carolyn and we will get back to you!

Questions for you: Do you take Barre classes? If so, where do you take them?

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