{Holiday Series} Wednesday Workout: Body Weight Upper Body Blast

Hi there! For the second week of your Holiday Series Wednesday Workout posts, I have decided to focus on the upper body. Again, in order to make this workout doable anywhere, it’s only using your body weight, which means you can get up and squeeze it in before work πŸ˜‰

Body Weight Upper Body Blast

Here are links to some of the moves you may not be familiar with:

Push-Up to Side Plank
Plank Walk Out– This is also known as an “up-up-down-down plank”.
Down Dog Push-Up
Prone Pull Down
-For the handstand kick-ups, you’re going to basically be practicing trying to get into a handstand. We used to do this in yoga all the time and AthenaΒ and I recently did them in one of the MANIA sessions we attended, which made me remember how much I love this move! It’s great for your shoulders! If you feel like it makes you nervous to do this without doing them against the wall, use the wall! There’s no harm in that at all.

As it says in the instructions, this is a “for time” (CrossFit lingo) type of workout where you should do 4 rounds of these exercises as quickly as you can, but while also maintaining good form. I want you to try this next week to see if you can beat your time!

I hope you’re enjoying the “Holiday Series” I’m putting together. Next week will be all about core- get excited πŸ™‚

Questions for you: How are you doing with managing your holiday parties this year? Are you still trying to fit in your workouts? Are any of these moves new to you?


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