Ringing in the New Year (by pictures)

Remember how I said I was feeling really blah about NYE this year?  I think part of the reason I wasn’t hyped up and excited about NYE this year was because my friends weren’t all doing something together. With that said, what I really wanted was to be dating someone and be able to just go somewhere fun for dinner and to ring in the New Year that way. Obviously that wasn’t the case for me (this year), but I am happy to say I pulled myself out of my little “womp, womp” mood and decided that I would go to my friends’ (Christy and Jamie) house party in Exeter, NH.

I wasn’t in the mood to drink (I had a glass of bubbly, though), but I still had a great time catching up with my friends that were there and getting to meet some new people, too. Waking up without a hangover and in my own apartment on New Years Day was ahhhhmazing! Here’s my recap by pictures- enjoy!

IMG_6328IMG_6323 IMG_6322 IMG_6326 IMG_6341 IMG_6342


Big thanks to Christy and Jamie for throwing a fantastic party!


For the past handful of years, my sister and I (and whoever else is around) have had a tradition of going out to lunch on New Years Day. We’ve had our fair share of hangovers for these lunches, but this year we were both hangover free- yay! We decided to try someplace new and went to Stephi’s in Southie. We were both totally impressed with the restaurant! It had a great vibe, neat décor and a super tasty menu (and affordable wine and cute guys. True story.). We enjoyed white wine, the black forest ham and brie sandwich and the special of the day: open faced omelet with hollandaise sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese and asparagus. Yuuu-uuum. We foresee going back for a girls night dinner sometime in the near future!

IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6348

So, although I wasn’t super amped to go into the new year, I’m feeling really good about it now. In all honesty, your life is what you make of it, so I’m trying to go into this year with a positive outlook and make it a terrific year.

Questions for you: What did you do for NYE this year? How do you manage a hangover? Have you been to Stephi’s?

13 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year (by pictures)

  1. Jean Brennan says:

    love all the pictures==bottles on the deck is a great scene–food at the new place looks simply delicious. Would love to try that myself–a trip for Jeanne, Mom and I???? Meeting new people and enjoying the experience is always a good thing. All will fall into place for you in good time. Imagine you are working from home today??

  2. Laurie Jirak says:

    I shared that same sort of “blah” feeling about NYE for the exact same reasons you had. It’s tough to wish you were in one spot in life and at the same time appreciate where what you DO have. Glad to say I pulled myself out of it as well and enjoyed a quite NYE with yoga, bubbly and my puppy! Followed by a bit too adventurous hike New Year’s Day.

    • Burpees to Bubbly says:

      I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! And you’re so right- I should’ve been focusing on everything I DO have. yoga, bubbly and puppy sounds perfect! Glad you pulled yourself out of your NYE funk too 🙂

  3. senelslant says:

    You’re going to have an awesome 2014!

    New Year’s Eve was rough. Although fun, fondue night turned into a night of gluttony. Too much food, too much wine. Even got to the point that I couldn’t finish my sparkling Vouvray! Thank god for running or else I’d be a straight up mess.

    Hope you’re able to stay warm today, be safe down there!

  4. Kim says:

    I love your sparkly skirt!!!
    And – we do the same with the drinks when it is cold – we set them on our deck off the kitchen and people just go in and out to get more.

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