Wednesday Workout: Strength/Cardio & Core/Cardio Super Sets

Happy hump day! I’ve got a fun workout for you today. I played around with some different compound moves, as well as the format, to create this workout. In my UXF Burn classes, we are regimented to a 60 second time interval for most formats. While I like teaching in 60 second intervals (it gives time for me to demo, coach, give tips and walk around to correct form), I hate actually doing 60 second interval workouts. I find myself sick of the exercise by the time 45 seconds rolls around and usually cop out on the last 15 seconds (yes, fitness instructors do that too). So, I would rather count reps or do shorter time intervals (and give it my all throughout the whole interval) than do 60 seconds half-assed. Anyone else like this?

That’s why I like this workout. I set it up to be 30 second timed intervals of a compound strength move (most bang for your buck), followed by 30 seconds of a cardio move. From there, we moved right to the core move for 30 seconds and that same cardio move, again for 30 seconds. We repeated that once before moving on to the next set. I didn’t realize it when I was making up the workout, but that’s a lot of cardio in each set! I love cardio, so I didn’t mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

Strength_Cardio & Core_Cardio Super Sets

Some the moves were hard to describe, so here are some links/pictures to help:

Squat, Twist & Curl– it’s 50 seconds in!
Calf raise, front DB raise & row
Forward lung & press
Side plank with T raise
Chest Press & Leg Lifts

1 Legged Tricep Kickback

photo 1 photo 2

1 armed/1 legged v-sit

photo 3

If you have other questions on any of the moves, don’t hesitate to ask!

Let me know if you try it- you definitely won’t be bored during it ๐Ÿ™‚

Questions for you: What’s your feeling on timed intervals? What makes workouts go by fast for you?

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Strength/Cardio & Core/Cardio Super Sets

  1. suzanne gagnon says:

    Hi Nick, I like timed intervals like the class we took the day after Christmas–we also do that in aquarobics–I feel like I can give it my all when there’s a specific time for each exercise. Workouts go fast when I’m having fun–great music with dance moves is THE BEST! I’m obsessed with cardio-dance or Zumba, as you know. Mom

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