A Day In the Life

I always love when bloggers share what an average day might look like. As bloggers, we get to be picky and choosy about what we post and share with our readers, so some of our lives still remain a mystery, right? Or, you may wonder what the heck we do on a day to day basis that doesn’t make the blog cut. I’ve got a full day of events for you today. It was on a day I teach, which is a fairly standard day for me (used to be way more standard, but thankfully I’ve cut back on teaching so it’s made my weeks a little lighter). Enjoy!


6:25am- Alarm goes off. Re-set for 6:35 for extra cuddle time and a slower wake-up/get out of bed time. I find that the rest of my day is literally pretty go-go-go, so if I can take 10 minutes to just rest in bed and slowly wake up, it makes for a much more enjoyable start to the day. Try it!

6:35- Get up, get dressed, do my make-up and run water through my hair to liven up the curls.


7:00- Leave and head to Wakefield for work.

7:30- Get to work and have breakfast. Lately I’ve been having gluten free muesli and a half a banana. I also usually have some type of bread/muffin- I LOVE pastries and treats, but since they are not-so-healthy, I’ve been finding paleo recipes where they use almond meal and/or coconut flour instead of regular flour and the sweetener is usually honey or maple syrup. Little steps!

7:30-11ish- Work. I have my morning snack around 11, which is the other half of my morning banana, almonds and a rice cake with almond butter (usually).

1ish- Lunch. I used to eat a salad and yogurt every.single.day, but over the past 6 months or so I’ve switched and started eating more paleo based lunches, high in protein to keep me full and fuel me for the afternoon. I forgot to take a picture of my lunch on Wednesday, but here’s an example of what some might look like.


(meal prep!)

2pm- I went for a walk after lunch. I try to do this daily, but unfortunately it doesn’t always happen, so it makes for a long day when that’s the case!


The rest of my lunch break was spent making my workout for my class that night.


4:30- Leave work and head to Cambridge since I have to teach at 6:30.

5:30ish- Start my own workout. I usually run outside or on the treadmill before I teach. Since I don’t do the whole class, I like to get my workout done beforehand.


6:30- Teach UXF Burn. These members bring it every week and they are always ready for whatever crazy things I throw at them.


7:45- Finally head home! The only thing on my mind is: get home, eat, shower and go to bed.

8-8:15- Get home, eat (thanks to Sunday night meal prep, I can easily reheat a healthy and nutritious meal), shower, pack my lunch and pack my bags for the next day.


9-9:15ish- Finally sit down to relax! I usually catch up on some emails and social media/blog comments, but try to shut down all electronics by 9:30. I’ll watch whatever is on TV just to zone out and unwind.


10- Bed time! As you can see, my days are fairly long, so if I don’t get to bed early, I’m screwed!

IMG_9327 IMG_9328

And there you have it! I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more of a glance into my day-to-day.

Questions for you: Tell me about your day! When do you get up, leave for work, get home, go to bed, etc.?