Onto the Next Decade

And just like that, my 20’s are officially behind me. I still don’t think I’ve quite grasped the whole concept of being- gasp– 30, but I’m sure soon enough it will sink in. A lot of people have asked me how I feel about turning the “dirty 30”, and to be honest, I think I’m OK with it. Sure, it’s a crazy thought to think about the fact that I’m no longer in my 20’s, but when I think about where I am in my life right now, I think it’s exactly where I should be and I’m really excited about this next chapter. I’ve got a good job, I get to teach fitness, I’ve got this little blog, great friends and family and a wonderful boyfriend, so when I look at it that way, I’ve kinda got a pretty great thing going right now!

As I looked back through my 20’s, I couldn’t help but think about how far I’ve come. From work to friends to relationships to my outlook on health and fitness, quite a bit has changed. I feel like the start of my 20’s and moving to Boston was a time in my life when I was really trying to find my own groove. There’s that weird transition from being a college student to being a “grown up” with a 9-5 job, living on your own, paying your own bills and figuring out what the heck you want to do with your life. Fortunately, as I look back at all my trials and errors, successes and failures, relationships and breakups, new jobs and old jobs, I think every step in the process over the past 10 years has really shaped me into who I am today. Even though there are some things that I would rather not re-live, without those experiences I don’t think I’d have the same outlook on things as I do today. I honestly feel like I don’t have any significant regrets, but rather have been able to learn from everything which has helped me over the years.

Here are some highlights from my 20’s (it’s much harder to think back over the past 10 years than you’d think!)-

  • Studying abroad in Bath, England the first semester of my Junior year
  • Turning 21 and sharing celebrations with my birthday buddy, Jess
  • Graduation
  • Moving to Boston and exploring the city
  • 25th birthday party with Rachel
  • Visiting San Francisco twice
  • Visiting my sister in Athens, Greece
  • Family Cruise to Bermuda
  • Jess and Brian’s wedding in Ireland
  • Friends getting engaged and married and having babies
  • Changing jobs a few times
  • Lots of dating
  • Getting into fitness and teaching classes
  • Moving to my own apartment
  • Starting my blog & getting lots of blog opportunities
  • Dating my landlord 😉

And since photos make posts more interesting, maybe you’ll enjoy a look over the past 10 years (well, 9, since I didn’t have photos for my 20th bday!) of birthdays. I got totally sucked into reminiscing over old photos on facebook as I looked for all of these! Where would we be without technology and social media to capture and store all these memories ?!

21st bday with my birthday buddy, Jess!

21st bday
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