Shaking Things Up w/New Balance {NBGNO recap}

I know I sound like a broken record, but New Balance really does put on the BEST “girls night out” (NBGNO) events. To me, a GNO event that involves physical activity, followed by inspirational speakers and food & cocktails is a pretty awesome night. I love getting to surround myself with health and fitness loving people like myself while doing things we love (working out!), so I always jump at a chance to attend these events with New Balance reaches out to me.

Last week, the second NBGNO event of the season was held at the Boston New Balance location. It was hosted by local Boston Blogger Stephanie, who blogs over at I Train Therefore I Eat and New Balance brand ambassador Aly Raymer who is an indoor cycling instructor at B/Spoke.

nbgno 2

(Photo from the NBGNO gallery)

The topic for this NBGNO was one I’m really passionate about: shaking it up! Far too often I see people, day in and day out at the gym, pedaling along on the elliptical or running miles and miles on the treadmill or lifting those same 5lb weights, wondering why they aren’t seeing any changes. The thing is, if we only do the same things, we can only expect the same results, right? If we’re consistently lifting the same size weight, how are our muscles going to grow? If we are always running/ellipticalling at the same pace, how are we ever going to gain speed? We can really only expect to change if WE are activity changing things up. Shaking things up.



I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a creature of habit in most aspects of my life. I don’t like change and it just doesn’t come naturally to me… expect at the gym or with regards to fitness. I get so bored if I do the same thing, day in and day out, which is why I always teach new things in my classes (even though most participants likely wouldn’t notice if I repeated things!) and am constantly trying new fitness studios in and around the Boston area. From running to spinning to weight lifting to zumba’ing to swimming, there are always ways to change things up and give your muscles a little shock, rather than them going into auto-pilot mode.


Stephanie talked about how shaking up her workout routine was the best thing she could have done. She’s a lover of heavy lifting, but since she’s added in running and biking, she’s noticed a positive change in her body and her appreciation for its abilities. And, changing it up makes your workouts FUN because you’re not going to feel sick of whatever it is you’ve probably over-done.

For me, I’ve talked a lot about how I’ve changed up my workouts this year. I’ve started working out during lunch to free up my evenings. By doing this, I’ve drastically cut down on the time I’ve spent at the gym, but you know what? I love it! I’ve noticed some great changes- physically and mentally- because of my shortened workouts. I get in there, bust ass for 35-40 minutes and peace out. Since I know I’m short on time, I make every minute count. I’ve also been able to play around with different “toys” since the gym tends to be quieter when I go. I’m loving Kettlebells and TRX suspension and ball slams- my workouts are FUN and something I look forward to since they are always different. Another way I’m shaking it up? Lift Weights Faster 2– this program, created by the amazing Jen Sinkler, is fantastic. Every workout is different and challenging in its own way, and I love that the equipment needed, time required and formats are so varied. I plan on doing a full review of this training program soon, but in short- I LOVE it and have love how much it’s gotten me out of my comfort zone.

… Woops! That got a little longer than I had anticipated, but I’m just so passionate about changing things up that I get excited and can’t stop typing 😉 Before Stephanie and Aly spoke, we had a chance to run or spin. Unfortunately, I didn’t get there early enough to nab a spin bike, so a run it was! My friend Amanda joined m e and we had a blast running along the Charles and through Beacon Hill (ok, a blast with the exception of the Beacon Hill hills… those bad boys are no joke!). The weather was absolutely gorgeous so as long as I was outside I didn’t care what we were doing.

IMG_1075 IMG_1100

My other friends are the event were able to spin and they said spinning in the common area in the Back Bay was SUPER cool and that Aly taught an incredible class. We all got a free class at B/spoke as part of the swag bags New Balance gave us, so I can’t wait to get back there. I love that studio!

nbgno 1

(Photo courtesy of the NGBNO gallery)

Per usual, the post workout snacks and drinks were awesome! Essentia water was available and smoothie samples from Thirst Juice Co were provided as well. I’m dying to get to Thirst Juice Co because everything I’ve tried from there has been so good! Luckily, there was a coupon in the swag bag so now I have no excuse not to go 🙂


And, lastly, it was so fun getting to catch up with blogger and gym friends!


Sarah & Stephanie


Athena, Mary & Ashley


(Photo courtesy of Athena)

If you haven’t checked out these events, I HIGHLY suggest doing so- they are always so fun and they’re free! what more could you ask for?! My other recaps can be found here:

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Awesome job hosting, Stephanie and Aly- you girls ROCKED it!

Questions for you: Do you tend to shake it up often or are you a creature of habit? Have you been taking your workouts outside in this great weather? What’s your ideal girls night out?