Wednesday Workout: Three Snow Day 10 Minute AMRAP Circuits

Hi guys! Guess who finally has a workout for you?! And actually, I kind of have THREE workouts for you, depending on how you decide to do them.

While I was stuck inside on Monday (I love when my WFH days coincide with winter storm days), I┬ácame up with a new workout to test out before sharing with you. I knew I wanted to do a little bit of everything, so I decided to break the workout up into three sections: cardio, strength, core. Each portion of the workout was a 10 minute AMRAP (As Many Rounds as Possible) circuit with 4 exercises in each circuit. I don’t know if it was because I was home by myself (always have less motivation to push myself!) or because I was feeling stuffy, but the workout was hard- I think you’ll like it!

The beauty of the design here is that pending on how much time you have, you can decided to do 1 AMRAP circuit, 2 or all 3. It can totally be a pick and choose type of thing based on what you want to accomplish for the day.

3 snow day amrap circuits
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